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Life is short and time is swift.

Prov. You should enjoy life as much as possible, because it does not last very long. Jill: Want to go to the movies with me? Jane: Oh, I don't know; I should probably stay at work and finish a few things. Jill: Come on, Jane, life is short and time is swift.
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*quick as a wink

 and *quick as a flash; *quick as (greased) lightning; *swift as lightning
very quickly. (*Also: as ~.) As quick as a wink, the thief took the lady's purse. I'll finish this work quick as a flash. Quick as greased lightning, the thief stole my wallet.
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swift and sure

fast and certain. (As with the flight of a well-aimed arrow.) The response of the governor to the criticism by the opposing party was swift and sure. The boxer's punch was swift and sure and resulted in a quick knockout and a very short match.
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*swift as an arrow

 and *swift as the wind; *swift as thought
very fast. (*Also: as ~.) The new intercity train is swift as an arrow. You won't have to wait for me long; I'll be there, swift as thought.
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quick as a wink

Also, quick as a bunny or a flash . Very speedily, as in He was out of here quick as a wink, or She answered, quick as a bunny. These similes have largely replaced the earlier quick as lightning, although quick as a flash no doubt alludes to it (also see like greased lightning), and quick as thought, now obsolete. The bunny variant dates from the mid-1800s, the others from the late 1800s.
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1. mod. smart and clever. Excuse my brother. He’s not too swift.
2. mod. sexually fast or easy, usually said of a woman. Britney is swift, they say, but I find her to be a perfect lady.
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The speed cells performed just as well off the track, keeping track of swiftness as rats searched for chocolate crumbs.
We appreciate thoroughness is a necessity but also time, and speed and swiftness, is also important.
GREAT English sporting teams tend to achieve briefly, then implode with uncommon swiftness - yet none quite as rapidly as the cricket team moulded by Andy Flower.
We are delighted with the positive outcome and are thankful to the TRA for the fairness and swiftness of the award process, held under the supervision of TRA chairman Dr Mohammed A Al Amer," said VIVA chief executive Ulaiyan Al Wetaid.
It was only in the tight that Bridgend matched the Drovers, but they were far behind in swiftness and execution.
He has scored twice and added a poacher's dimension to the attack, and swiftness.
course I miss her ferrari- like swiftness and she-chassis built low-down
Ladsous pointed out that this observer mission was sent with swiftness that is unprecedented in UN history, expressing deep gratitude for the mission's leader Gen.
They seem to forget that the ref is only human and subject in the swiftness of the game to make the odd error.
It's gotten a lot faster since, but expectations for swiftness have a way of staying a few steps ahead of technology.
Justin Burnell has praised the club management for the swiftness with which they dealt with the recent issues, and insists preparations to face Leinster have not been affected.
Hazard has the perfect profile for the Premier League because he has swiftness, is a very good dribbler and is able to find spaces for team-mates.
TUNIS (TAP) - Director-General and Board of Directors Chairman of the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development (AFESD) Abdellatif Youssef al-Hamad reminded that "the Fund is ready to look at all proposals of projects and technical studies with the required swiftness, whether those latter are scheduled on the short term, during 2012, or on the mid-term, so that AFESD remains, as it has always been, a reliable partner of Tunisia in its development process.
The swiftness of the court's decision shows how ridiculous this case is," said Tim Wildmon, president of AFA.
In his recent book When Brute Force Fails: How to Have Less Crime and Less Punishment (Princeton University Press), he argues that when it comes to punishment, there is a tradeoff between severity and swiftness.