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Life is short and time is swift.

Prov. You should enjoy life as much as possible, because it does not last very long. Jill: Want to go to the movies with me? Jane: Oh, I don't know; I should probably stay at work and finish a few things. Jill: Come on, Jane, life is short and time is swift.
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*quick as a wink

 and *quick as a flash; *quick as (greased) lightning; *swift as lightning
very quickly. (*Also: as ~.) As quick as a wink, the thief took the lady's purse. I'll finish this work quick as a flash. Quick as greased lightning, the thief stole my wallet.
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swift and sure

fast and certain. (As with the flight of a well-aimed arrow.) The response of the governor to the criticism by the opposing party was swift and sure. The boxer's punch was swift and sure and resulted in a quick knockout and a very short match.
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*swift as an arrow

 and *swift as the wind; *swift as thought
very fast. (*Also: as ~.) The new intercity train is swift as an arrow. You won't have to wait for me long; I'll be there, swift as thought.
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quick as a wink

Also, quick as a bunny or a flash . Very speedily, as in He was out of here quick as a wink, or She answered, quick as a bunny. These similes have largely replaced the earlier quick as lightning, although quick as a flash no doubt alludes to it (also see like greased lightning), and quick as thought, now obsolete. The bunny variant dates from the mid-1800s, the others from the late 1800s.
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1. mod. smart and clever. Excuse my brother. He’s not too swift.
2. mod. sexually fast or easy, usually said of a woman. Britney is swift, they say, but I find her to be a perfect lady.
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In Book Ten of Metamorphoses, the first-century Roman poet, Ovid, tells the tale of beautiful Atalanta, the swiftest runner in Greek mythology.
Chapters denounce the harm caused by the neocon Republican party, and describe what needs to be done to promote grass-roots opposition within the Democratic party; the authors are quite realistic about the limits of a two-party system, and offer means to reform the Democratic party as the swiftest and most practical way to improve American government.
I task you to discuss the issue of suspending the activity of the Baku-Novorossyisk pipeline, and I will be waiting for your swiftest possible proposals".
His work involves cultivating close relationships with US retailers who provide the swiftest routes to market.
With training treats experiencing the swiftest growth at 10% annually since 2001, Packaged Facts projects that overall pet training product sales hit $395 million in 2005 and will reach $551 million in 2010, aided by strong growth in the treats, electronic devices and collars/leads/harnesses sectors.
An experienced footballing brain is quicker than even the swiftest feet.
East Asia's economies are growing at their swiftest pace since before the financial crisis with fewer people than ever living in extreme poverty,'' the bank said in a statement.
The waiting staff were charming and friendly, although the service wasn't the swiftest.
With Oregon trailing 67-65, the 6-foot-1 forward, not the swiftest defender on the floor, found herself isolated on the quicker Haring on the far wing.
The winds in Saturn's upper atmosphere are some of the swiftest in the solar system, but recent findings suggest there's been a dramatic slowdown.
I have great faith that an Iraq governed by Iraqis at the earliest date is the swiftest way to achieve and consolidate stability for the Iraqi people.
The swiftest recovery was reported in the Cayman Islands, where some homes were damaged and power knocked out.
Meanwhile, putting the HDD RAID on the front end to the most requested data or file would give users the swiftest possible access times.
PRETTY policewoman Polly Page conducted the swiftest strip search in British criminal history when her long-term admirer PC Dave Quinnan gave her a Christmas kiss.
Lunchtime turned from an hour of eating--and allowing calories to add to waistlines--into a contest of the swiftest to see who could race to the farthest tree on our grounds and back, all for the honor of winning a new pair of Adidas running sneakers.