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swerve away (from someone or something)

1. To turn or veer abruptly aside in order to avoid collision or interaction (with someone or something). I managed to swerve away from the oncoming truck at the last moment. The motorcyclist was bearing down on her but swerved away before hitting her. I swerved away from the bar when I noticed the creepy guy staring at me.
2. To avoid or evade (someone or something) by abruptly changing one's plans or intentions. We swerved away from the merger after we realized how badly it would impact our employees. I've really started swerving away from people who bring nothing but toxic negativity to the table.
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swerve into (from someone or something)

1. To collide with someone or something after turning or veering quickly, sharply, or abruptly to one side. I turned the corner and swerved into the principal, knocking her briefcase right out of his hands. The car lost control and swerved into a lamppost.
2. To enter into something after turning or veering quickly, sharply, or abruptly to one side. The truck swerved into my lane to avoid hitting the pedestrian on the road. I swerved into a side alley to avoid the police.
3. To become involved with or begin working in some different field, industry, area of expertise, etc., especially very suddenly or abruptly. I actually started out as a family photographer, but I swerved into doing headshots after getting into a conversation with a couple of actors at a party a couple years back. The heavy metal band started swerving into a more pop-rock sound in the early 2000s.
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swerve (away) (from someone or something)

to turn sharply away from someone or something. The car swerved away from Carla just in time. It swerved away just in time.

swerve into someone or something

to turn sharply and directly into someone or something. (Usually an accident.) The car almost swerved into a pedestrian. The bus swerved into a truck.
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To learn more about Xyleme's solutions for small-medium businesses please watch the SWERVE video case study on YouTube.
In Swerve, one cherry bomb falls at the feet of the legendary TV interviewer Barbara Walters and the whole crew at ABC's The View, which Tyler says is sometimes as backwards as a tour bus barreling in reverse.
Swerve C maintained their interest in the Championship race with a 10-0 victory over Beaumont C with hat tricks from Sam Bailey, Andrew Wilson and Martin Rutter.
Because of the undeniable track bias, wide runners-especially those drawn six-were sent off much shorter than the `tissue' price and Mumble Swerve went to traps a 4-7 chance for the pounds 750 feature event.
A hat trick from Joe Cope helped Ormesby secure the draw against Swerve, with Jack Cope and George Hill winning one set each.
At first glance it appeared the race would concern the front pair, but Mumble Swerve had other ideas and showed the pace that had made him one time favourite for the Derby and he quickly took control to draw clear of his rivals, coming home just over two lengths clear of the staying on Dukes Again in a fast 28.
Division One: Nunthorpe A 4 (Williams 1 Corking 1 Burge 1) Ormesby A 6 (Gofton 3 Weatherby 3); Ormesby D 5 (Edwards 3 Nassau 2) Beaumont Acc Nomads B 5 (Pearson 2 Lynas 1 Baines 1); Beaumont Acc Nomads C 10 (Linsley 3 Langley 3 Abell 3) Nunthorpe B 0; Swerve A 10 (Harland 3 Dobinson 3 Wardell 3) Ormesby C 0; Ormesby B 2 (White 1) Swerve C 8 (Wilson 3 Chan 3 Bradburn 2).
From the A4100, he took the exit sliproad onto the M40 and drove on the hard shoulder and in one of the traffic lanes, causing numerous vehicles to swerve.
The Jones camp kicked off the event with a bang when supplying the first three home in the opening heat, but the punters were hoping for a different result, as it was Courts Legal who emerged victorious over Mumble Swerve.
SWERVE A have caught Ormesby A at the top of Division 1 of the Middlesbrough and District Table Tennis League after their 10-0 victory against Ormesby C.
grinned delighted trainer Linda Jones after her Mumble Swerve put up a courageous display to land the pounds 750 final of the Stadium Bookmakers Puppy Trophy over 400m at Romford on Friday, writes Jim Austin.