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be swept off (one's) feet

To become very quickly or suddenly enamored with or greatly admiring of someone; to be so thoroughly impressed or charmed by someone as to fall greatly in love with them. I think the reason Jane gets so suddenly invested in new relationships is because she loves being swept off her feet. I was completely swept off my feet when I met my late wife, so now, I can't imagine life without her.
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sweep (something) under the mat

To ignore, deny, or conceal from public view or knowledge something that is embarrassing, unappealing, or damaging to one's reputation. The senator has been accused of trying to sweep his former drug use under the mat. You need to stop sweeping your problems under the mat. Nothing will get resolved like that!
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swept away

made extremely emotional or enthusiastic carried away You couldn't help being swept away by the beauty of the place.
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swept up (in something)

suddenly very involved in something Billings went there for a vacation and got so swept up in the place that he never left.
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References in classic literature ?
The time seemed interminable as we swept on our way, now in almost complete darkness, for the rolling clouds obscured the moon.
But there we were, at the head of the column instead of in its middle, and we were being swept out of life by a torrent of shrieking lead.
As they were descending they swept across a railroad directly over a troop-train that was heading at full speed for Chicago.
The coop did not toss around any more, but rode the waves more gently--almost like a cradle rocking--so that the floor upon which Dorothy stood was no longer swept by water coming through the slats.
By some freak of the waters I had been swept clear under the forecastle- head and into the eyes.
This time, as we went into the trough of the sea and were swept, there were no sails to carry away.
This time I remained aloft, and Wolf Larsen succeeded in heaving to without being swept.
Even the wheel, quite a deal higher than the waist, was covered and swept again and again.
My fingers were torn loose, and I swept across to the side and over the side into the sea.
This time, though we were continually half- buried, there was no trough in which to be swept, and we drifted squarely down upon the upturned boat, badly smashing it as it was heaved inboard.
For a minute she listened intently; then she turned and swept into the dining room.
Her middle structure, covered by the bridge which bore him, his mate, the closed wheelhouse where a man was steering shut up with the fear of being swept overboard together with the whole thing in one great crash -- her middle structure was like a half-tide rock awash upon a coast.
The Nan-Shan was being looted by the storm with a senseless, destructive fury: trysails torn out of the extra gaskets, double-lashed awnings blown away, bridge swept clean, weather-cloths burst, rails twisted, light-screens smashed -- and two of the boats had gone already.
it asked, vigorous and evanescent at the same time, overcoming the strength of the wind, and swept away from Jukes instantly.
Sweeping closest to the stone will have the greatest impact on the stone-ice friction, allowing the shortest time for the ice to re-cool before the stone travels over the swept area.