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6 : to touch a surface of quickly <The musician's fingers swept the piano keys.
Because a capacitance thermometer cannot be calibrated, it can be used only by setting the temperature at zero field using a calibrated thermometer, and then controlling the temperature with the capacitance thermometer as the field is swept.
Alternatively, in a weekend sweep program, all affected transaction account balances are swept into the special purpose savings account over the weekend and then returned on Monday.
These sweep generators are optimized for scalar analysis, general purpose benchtop and swept test applications.
In the tender are as follows sweeping circuits A partial one: Kangasniemen sweeping circuit 12Population: 2 500 personsSweeping District area: 663 km2The number of swept objects: about 1 700 pcsPermanently inhabited real estate: about 700 piecesLeisure Properties in about 1 000 pcs.