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swell out

to bulge outward; to expand outward. The sides of the box swelled out because it was too full. The west wall of the garage swelled out just before the building collapsed.
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swell up

to enlarge; to inflate; to bulge out. I struck my thumb with a hammer and it swelled up something awful.
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swell with something

1. Lit. to expand from a particular cause. My knee joints swelled with arthritis, His nose swelled after it was struck by the door.
2. Fig. to seem to swell with a feeling such as pride. His chest swelled with pride at the thought of his good performance. Ted swelled with pride at the announcement.
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*swelled head

Fig. a state of being conceited. (Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) John got a swelled head after he won the prize. Don't get a swelled head from all this success.
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swelled head, have a

Be conceited, as in Winning all those prizes has not given her a swelled head, at least not yet. This idiom began as be swellheaded, first recorded in 1817. The present form dates from about 1860. For a synonym see big head.
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swell up

1. To become swollen: I put ice on my injured ankle so that it wouldn't swell up.
2. To become filled, as with pride, arrogance, or anger: The new parents swelled up with pride.
3. To rise or surge from an inner source: After I was fired unjustly, rage swelled up within me.
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mod. fine; excellent. (Also sarcastic use.) Where did you get that swell hat?
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2 g) was enclosed in a sealed tea bag (40 X 50 mm), and then placed into a beaker containing 100 mL of swelling medium.
All samples were pre-dried 1 hour at 105-110[degrees]C in air (a standard oil shale drying procedure) before swelling measurements.
The tongue was large, but not edematous, and there was neither drooling nor sublingual swelling.
When used for longer periods, these drags can lead to even more congestion and swelling of the nasal passages.
Other causes of swelling not associated with elastic properties have been reported -- velocity profile relaxation and inelastic mechanism.
are attracted by the negative charge of the carboxyl groups and that could change the internal structure of the hydrogel, the effect is observed with an increase in the percentage of swelling of the hydrogel.
The Flory treatment assumes that there is no specific interaction such as hydrogen bonding during the swelling process, or in other words, during polymer-solvent interaction the regular solution occurs [4, 5].
This type of massage is also helpful in preventing prostate swelling and increasing blood flow to the pelvic region for men, too.
Less than one person out of 100 has a systemic reaction to bee stings, characterized by a rash, shortness of breath or swelling beyond the area that was stung.
Clinical findings may include dark-colored urine, swelling of different parts of the body (edema), and high blood pressure.
This is the term applied to painful swelling around and under a fingernail.
A brain scan revealed diffuse swelling of the brain and a small subdural hematoma.
This continuous, controlled cooling helps to reduce swelling, bruising and pain so patients can enjoy optimal results, minimum discomfort and the least amount of downtime following facial cosmetic surgery procedures.