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swell out

to bulge outward; to expand outward. The sides of the box swelled out because it was too full. The west wall of the garage swelled out just before the building collapsed.
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swell up

to enlarge; to inflate; to bulge out. I struck my thumb with a hammer and it swelled up something awful.
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swell with something

1. Lit. to expand from a particular cause. My knee joints swelled with arthritis, His nose swelled after it was struck by the door.
2. Fig. to seem to swell with a feeling such as pride. His chest swelled with pride at the thought of his good performance. Ted swelled with pride at the announcement.
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*swelled head

Fig. a state of being conceited. (Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) John got a swelled head after he won the prize. Don't get a swelled head from all this success.
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swelled head, have a

Be conceited, as in Winning all those prizes has not given her a swelled head, at least not yet. This idiom began as be swellheaded, first recorded in 1817. The present form dates from about 1860. For a synonym see big head.
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swell up

1. To become swollen: I put ice on my injured ankle so that it wouldn't swell up.
2. To become filled, as with pride, arrogance, or anger: The new parents swelled up with pride.
3. To rise or surge from an inner source: After I was fired unjustly, rage swelled up within me.
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mod. fine; excellent. (Also sarcastic use.) Where did you get that swell hat?
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According to the results given in Table 1, the SLIG samples after three swelling measurements swelled reversibly, and the height of dry bed of coal samples did not change due to re-swelling.
Half of those stings were inflicted on my right ear, which, 24 hours later, suddenly swelled up several inches in all directions.
A TEENAGER, accused of being involved in murdering a man by battering him, told a court his hands swelled easily because of injuries caused by bare-knuckle fighting.
Finally, last January 19, the day broke clear and sunny; the ocean swelled with smooth 50-foot waves spawned by stormy waters 2,000 miles to the north.
The 40 durometer compound swelled 61% after only one week in the Ford ATF.
The throat of one of Kulczycki's patients swelled so badly that she needed emergency treatment, he says.
At first, aqueous [BMIM]CI solution was chosen as "swelling agent," in which cellulose can be swollen but not dissolved, after cellulose was swelled 10 maximum, the excessive water in aqueous [BMIM]CI solution was removed at the condition of a certain temperature under vacuum.
Vulcanizates of 16 elastomers in all were tested and it was found that several of them swelled less than those based on NBR and retained tensile strength better after aging in alcohol-gasoline mixtures.
PPO was swelled by the swelling agent for 24 h at room temperature and then a PPO/swelling agent mixture was obtained.
The swelling capability of the hydrogel is defined as the volume ratio of the volume of swelled hydrogel (V) to the volume of dried superabsorbent composite ([V.