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sweeten the pill

To make something bad, unpleasant, or dissatisfactory easier to cope with, endure, or accept. The bosses are giving everyone an extra 10% bonus this Christmas, but I suspect it's a way of sweetening the pill that there will be massive pay cuts in January. I have to tell my mom about wrecking her car, but I need to find a way to sweeten the pill first.
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sweeten someone up

to make someone more pleasant. I had hoped that a week in the Caribbean would sweeten him up. The trip sweetened him up, but not for long.
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sweeten something up

to make something taste sweeter. Where is the sugar? I need to sweeten this up a little. A little sugar will sweeten up the coffee.
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sweeten the pot

Fig. to increase the amount of money bet in a card game with hopes of encouraging other players to bet more enthusiastically. John sweetened the pot hoping others would follow.
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sweeten (up) the deal

Fig. to make a bargain or a business transaction more appealing by adding value to the transaction. The dealer sweetened the deal by throwing in free car washes. He wasn't willing to do anything to sweeten the deal, so I left. She sweetened up the deal with a little extra money.
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sweeten the kitty

Also, sweeten the pot or deal . Make something financially more attractive, as in I am unable to give you the new title but I could sweeten the kitty a little by giving you a raise . This idiom comes from card games such as poker, where it means "add money to the pool," and uses sweeten in the sense of "make more agreeable." [Slang; c. 1900]
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sugar/sweeten the ˈpill

make something unpleasant seem less unpleasant: He tried to sweeten the pill by telling her she’d only be in hospital a few days.
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sweeten up

1. To make something sweet or sweeter: The recipe instructs to sweeten up the sauce with a tablespoon of sugar. I usually add some honey to my tea to sweeten it up.
2. To make some offer more appealing: The phone company sweetened up their deal by throwing in a free phone. If you're still unimpressed with our proposal, we can sweeten it up with a great benefits package.
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tv. to make a bargain or agreement better or more attractive. Okay, I’ll sweeten the deal. I’ll throw in a lighted mirror on the visor.
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5 mcm/d of sour gas will be injected to the refinery for sweetening in the next 5 years.
Inauguration of the train brings the refinery's gas sweetening capacity to 40 mcm/d which is tantamount to the gas produced by 1.
As the worldwide demand for natural gas increases and environmental restrictions tighten, it is increasingly important for these companies to understand their gas and liquid sweetening processes more comprehensively.
Wayne Sim, CEO of Hyprotech, said: "By combining Hyprotech's best-in-class process simulator and DBR's thermodynamic expertise, users will build competitive advantage by effectively and efficiently designing gas and liquid sweetening processes.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The first phase of sweetening operations at the gas treatment facilities of South Pars gas field phases 15 and 16 will be launched in the near future, Head of Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC) Mohammad Reza Zahiri said.
At present a team of experts is trying to boost gas pressure in order to feed the gas sweetening facilities which is expected to reach a desired level for starting sweetening process at Unit 110 of the facility.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran has attained self-sufficiency in meetings its needs to gas sweetening tools, systems and equipment, an Iranian official said Sunday, adding that the country now ranks fifth in the world in this field.