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sweet-talk someone

Rur. to talk convincingly to someone with much flattery. I didn't want to help her, but she sweet-talked me into it. He sweet-talked her for a while, and she finally agreed to go to the dance with him.
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But for all his sweet-talking, no serious discussions can start over their future until U finds a successor to Snider.
Then, the 6-foot-4, flexible and long-limbed left-hander let his pink-shafted driver do the sweet-talking for him in golf's major league, where his good nature and gargantuan drives quickly have made Bubba a fan favorite if not yet a household name.
KRISTINA'S blossoming relationship with (Clark) Kent the Superman is reaching new levels of excitement The two have been sweet-talking each other over e-mail and on the phone, and it's all becoming very lovey-dovey .
In the eyes of the women who have had the good fortune--or misfortune, depending on your age or build--to experience "Hot Johnny" right up close and personal, there was much more to the man than his reputation as a sweet-talking Don Juan.
Through chatting and bragging, sweet-talking and back-stabbing, SiSSYFiGHT 2000 players struggle for schoolyard dominance.
I'd rather have a foul-mouthed mayor as president [who's] effective in governance than a sweet-talking, eloquent politician who is nothing but corrupt and incompetent, Zubiri said.
ROBBIE FOWLER has admitted it was the sweet-talking of chairman Peter Ridsdale that persuaded him to drop down a division as he was unveiled by Cardiff yesterday.
Maybe in her position Mo did go a bit too far in sweet-talking Sinn Fein, but hey, whatever works.
In the end, though, creditors either refused to submit to political pressure or Saban succeeded in sweet-talking them.
ALL-STAR ENDGAME: How would the villainous Richard Hatch do against sweet-talking schemer Tina Wesson?
ARSENE WENGER has set about sweet-talking Emmanuel Petit out of his pledge to quit the English game at the end of the season.
The President then followed it up with a warning against selfish politicians sweet-talking the voters.
CHARLIE McCreevey will be sweet-talking his fellow European Ministers into being nice to him over dinner tonight in Brussels.
That was before we lost both our NFL teams to sweet-talking cities.
But the star, who plays Nicky Platt, was really sweet-talking girlfriend Emma Mainoo after being caught "playing away" at a celebrity bash.