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I've always suspected they spend their time drinking tea and doing sweet Fanny Adams.
Where Obama had to build the most impressive grassroots political organisation in history, all Borissov had to do was sit back and do sweet Fanny Adams.
com OLD AGE RAMPAGE LEGENDARY Sweet guitarist Andy Scott will celebrate his 60th birthday ten days early with a specially-extended set featuring the seminal Sweet Fanny Adams album - at the Robin 2, Mount Pleasant, Bilston on Friday, Jun 19.
Hopefully, a diet of doing Sweet Fanny Adams will give Willie time to sweeten this tough sort up.
Last week we asked you who on earth Sweet Fanny Adams was.
The initials, incidentally, far from standing for Football Intelligence of sweet Fanny Adams, actually stand for Fdration Internationale de Football Association.
Here's his very own guide to doing Christmas on Sweet Fanny Adams