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The best treatment for cold sweats is to address the root problem.
Botox injections work where topical medicines do not, by temporarily blocking the chemical signals from the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands.
Similarly, 24- year- old event executive Ritika Kapoor couldn't beat the heat and used to sweat a lot.
However, profuse perspiration or hyperhidrosis - which is caused by an overactive eccrine sweat gland - is taken seriously by the medical profession and by the patient.
he Laser Sweat Ablation service, launched on Monday, will cost around 3,500 pounds.
3 : to work hard enough to perspire <She sweat over the lesson.
The urinary frequency doesn't bother me, but I worry that the night sweats might be caused by something other than the diuretic I'm taking.
Follow J-Lo's lead and look for sweats with smallish tops and low-riding bottoms (just not quite this low, please
Night sweats are a common experience for primary care patients, but they are frequently not reported to their physicians.
Night sweats are surprisingly common among patients seen in primary care settings, Dr.
Sweats early and heavy; will exhibit profuse sweating in a sweat-soaked jersey after merely going through warmups whereas teammates may not yet have broken a sweat or only slightly so.
Only 54% of patients with severe night sweats (enough to cause soaked bedding) and 29% of those with both severe night sweats and day sweats had reported it to their physicians, added Dr.
Your body perspires, or sweats, to cool itself off.
Factors such as age, race, sex, and conditioning affect the amount a person sweats.