swear to

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swear someone to something

to cause someone to take an oath pledging something, such as silence or secrecy, about something. I swore Larry to secrecy, but he told anyway. We were sworn to silence about the new product.
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swear something to someone

to pledge or promise something to someone. I had to swear my allegiance to the general before I could become one of his bodyguards. We swore our loyalty to our country.
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swear to something

to claim that what one says is absolutely true. It is true. I swear to it. I think I have remembered it all, but I couldn't swear to it.
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swear to

To utter or bind someone to some oath: She swore her friends to secrecy before telling them what happened. The man wanted to confess, but he was sworn to silence.
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References in classic literature ?
Moreover, you shall bid Priam come, that he may swear to the covenant himself; for his sons are high-handed and ill to trust, and the oaths of Jove must not be transgressed or taken in vain.
He went up to Priam and said, "Son of Laomedon, the princes of the Trojans and Achaeans bid you come down on to the plain and swear to a solemn covenant.
Be silent, madame," cried Felton, "and do not speak to me thus; I came to entreat you to promise me upon your honor, to swear to me by what you hold most sacred, that you will make no attempt upon your life.
The officers would also swear to obey military orders and orders from their leaders; they would swear to protect their weapons and never abandon them until they die.
agreed to a plan whereby a woman who had been accused of molesting her son was to swear to her innocence on a Bible in a Catholic church.
The future is also predicted, that the word progresses from the mouth of God, nor does it return void, but at every point it prospers, in order that every knee will bend to God and every tongue will swear to him.
I hope that when the ban comes in, children will see that it is wrong to swear and that you don't have to swear to look grown-up and get the approval of your peers.