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I swear blind I heard his droning Scottish tones spouting rhetoric about the perils facing the British state, to the strains of Land of Hope and Glory and the flapping of the Union Jack.
Ask any passionate footy fan, and they will no doubt swear blind that the league in their home nation is the best.
This pub is perched on the hills overlooking Halifax and has its address as Sowood, but you'd swear blind it was in Outlane.
She knew I hated it and would swear blind she hadn't used any but I'd find little stashes of it in her bathroom which she'd sneak into our house when I wasn't looking.
It means we can all bang on about national pride and wave our union flags, then go out on the lash and swear blind we are really Irish.
I know from my experience as a police officer that two people can watch something happen and one of you will say it was a red car and the other will swear blind that it was green.
The likes of Michael Stoute and Ian Balding swear blind that horses are weaker and less robust than as little as 20 years ago and if you begin to breed out stamina you will weaken the breed even more.
You only have to look at television pundits-one will swear blind it is black and
Stan thinks he's a sergeant major and when you see him, you'll swear blind he was," says Paul with delight.
I did go to the police and they were very sympathetic but it was decided not to go ahead and charge him as his family would swear blind that he was the real victim.
Some swear blind that, mixed with chicken droppings, it offers a cure for baldness