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cut a wide swath

 and cut a big swath
to seem important; to attract a lot of attention. In social matters, Mrs. Smith cuts a wide swath. Bob cuts a big swath whenever he appears in his military uniform.
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cut a (wide) swath

also cut a (wide) swathe
1. to attract a lot of interest or attention The two beautiful sisters cut a wide swath through our little town, and every male wanted to take them out. The new game is unusually inventive and has cut a wide swath in the video game market.
2. to cause a lot of destruction, death, or harm in a particular place Violent thunderstorms cut a swath of destruction through the area, blowing down trees and damaging houses.
Etymology: based on the literal meaning of swath ( a line or strip of grass that has been cut)
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cut a swath/swathe through something

to cause a lot of destruction, death, or harm in a particular place or among a particular group of people Violent electrical storms cut a swath through parts of the South yesterday. The AIDS epidemic has already cut a swath through the fashion industry.
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cut a wide swath

Draw a lot of attention, make a considerable display, as in Although he was new to the company, he cut a wide swath. This metaphoric use of making a big sweep of the scythe in cutting grass survives despite the mechanization of farming and the declining use of the noun swath. [Mid-1800s]
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cut a wide swath

To make a big display; draw much attention.
See also: cut, swath, wide
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Swath grazing is a way to revive the once widespread practice of letting cattle graze all winter in the Northern Plains.
Predicting future collection opportunities requires predicting where the satellite will be and then computing the potential swath coverage from a pointable sensor along its orbit.
The boreal forest is vanishing because swaths of the forest's trees are logged and turned into paper and wood products In addition.
Volta, 2002-2003, begins with a smattering of staccato horns and a close-up of a rippling swath of fabric, which is then pulled away to reveal hundreds of Brazilian soccer fans in a gesture that recalls a curtain rising on a performance.
I deploy earth, geologic forms, constructed forms and swaths of plants to form visual poems, scribed on sheets of land bounded by the edge of ownership," says Delaney.
Wind blows that strong in broad swaths of the Great Plains and the continent's coasts.
Scattered pockets of the San Fernando Valley have streetlights now, but wide swaths of the Northeast Valley remain in the dark nearly a year after Mayor James Hahn vowed to find ways to bring light to low-income areas.
He aimlessly shoots pretty much everything-- scenes from a cab ride, unfocused bits of street life, swaths of the landscape-using video as a variant of street photography.
The HP CapShare page-processing technology determines the path the CIS has taken over the document and then reconstructs the image by stitching path swaths together while eliminating distortion.
The overall effect: Speckles of different colors cluster in swaths across the table.
In duBois' meadow garden, in between the swaths of sedge in partial shade, self-sown blue forget-me-nots are blooming.
For instance Aluminum-Foil Man, 2001, had the artist dressed in underpants and sunglasses, wrapped in skimpy swaths of aluminum foil, and striking silly martial arts poses.
The new Rotala, originally from Asia, grows lush bands of foliage along the water's edge, blooms in swaths of pink spikes, and also thrives underwater.
The mission was also to include aerial photography using a camera called Dual RC-10, capable of taking black and white photographs of eight-mile wide swaths.
In the center of the gallery a large nickel-plated rack resembling a restaurant kitchen fixture displayed four swaths of carpet dangling like sides of beef.