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swathe someone or something in something

to wrap or drape someone or something in something. Molly swathed her children in sheets to turn them into ghosts on Halloween. She swathed the statue in black velvet for the unveiling ceremony.
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swathe someone or something with something

to wrap or drape someone or something with something. The sculptor swathed his unfinished pieces with heavy drapes. The designer swathed the window with billows of taffeta.
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cut a (wide) swath

also cut a (wide) swathe
1. to attract a lot of interest or attention The two beautiful sisters cut a wide swath through our little town, and every male wanted to take them out. The new game is unusually inventive and has cut a wide swath in the video game market.
2. to cause a lot of destruction, death, or harm in a particular place Violent thunderstorms cut a swath of destruction through the area, blowing down trees and damaging houses.
Etymology: based on the literal meaning of swath ( a line or strip of grass that has been cut)
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cut a swath/swathe through something

to cause a lot of destruction, death, or harm in a particular place or among a particular group of people Violent electrical storms cut a swath through parts of the South yesterday. The AIDS epidemic has already cut a swath through the fashion industry.
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swathe in

To wrap or bind with or as if with some bandages: The doctor swathed the patient's arm in gauze.
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In most seasons high biomass conventional winter rape crops are even more difficult to harvest, generally requiring the same swathing programme as high output hybrids.
The EZ-Guide 110 Parallel Swathing system provides farmers with guidance information for driving precise rows during field preparation, planting, and agricultural product applications.
The next steps awaiting silk researchers include sequencing the rest of the dragline protein and other fibrous arachnid proteins such as those making up the swathing silk that spiders use to keep their victims from leaving before dinner.
Although the overall effect was slightly chaotic, Rist succeeded in redefining the idea of a woman s interiority precisely by interrupting and reinscribing the physical boundaries of the room and swathing it in the envelope of her own quir ky imagination.
May 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Continuing to build on its precision agricultural systems product line, Trimble (Nasdaq: TRMB) introduced a Parallel Swathing Option (PSO) for its AgGPS 132(TM) receiver.
The silk seemed lascivious, even serpentine, and the image of temptation that it suggested was accentuated by two nude dancers repeatedly entering and swathing themselves in the fabric.