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Weather authorities warned Sunday that large swathes of the country would continue to be hit by heavy rain.
Strategic Area E, Pontardawe, contains a huge swathe of beautiful countryside north of Swansea, Neath and Port Talbot.
So, from next year's FA Cup Final, just like in the old days, a nice, fat swathe of prime space will be taken up by, at best, half-interested neutrals and, at worst, hoorays henries.
The M6 Toll has recently cut a huge swathe through our green belt and development pressure attached to the road is a major threat.
Work to remove swathes of a persistent tropical weed from Big Tujunga Canyon hit a snag this weekend, when county flood control officials opened the gates on the Tujunga Dam, sweeping tons of bamboo-like stalks into the creek.
So it's alright to Tarmac over vast swathes of Green Belt land in Solihull, not Birmingham note, to benefit the Government's cronies in London and the South-east.
North Lanarkshire planning committee meet to consider proposals from a developer who wants to carve up whole swathes of greenery in Westerwood, Cumbernauld.
Most of the deaths were caused by mudslides, due to the deforestation of vast swathes of native bush.
At first, the reader will be impressed that so much could be known about ancestries, but then, threading through the various accounts of investigations and genealogies, the possibility emerges that large swathes of this knowledge were simply made up.
Visitors deserted the countryside after footpaths and vast swathes of land were closed during the foot-andmouth outbreak, while the September 11 attacks have hit the airline industry hard.
Despite the transistors' minuscule dimensions, their conventional-size contacts require that the circuits span relatively large swathes of wasted space, notes Paul S.
Onstage, virtuoso Christopher O'Riley swathes the action in astonishingly pungent renderings of piano etudes and preludes by Alexander Scriabin and Sergei Rachmaninoff.
The application integration business is proving to be a goldmine for swathes of ISVs as no company, and certainly none of the large software companies or system vendors, controls anything but a small percentage of the market.
Kevin Walker, a protester from Moab, Utah, said that "250 racers can really remove large swathes of vegetation.
The end of summer marks the peak of "dead zone" season when vast swathes of coastal ocean waters become oxygen-starved and uninhabitable by marine life (FIG.