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swarm (all) over someone or something

to gather and move all about on someone or throughout something or some place. The ants swarmed all over our picnic table. The children swarmed over the furniture.
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swarm around someone or something

to gather or crowd around someone or something, in the manner of a swarm of bees. The little children swarmed around the lady with the candy. The bees swarmed around the flowers.
See also: around, swarm

swarm in(to something)

[for a throng] to crowd into something or some place. People were swarming into the auditorium to hear the guitarist. They swarmed in and ran for the best seats.
See also: swarm

swarm out of something

to move out of something in great numbers. The bees swarmed out of the hive. People swarmed out of the park at the end of the game.
See also: of, out, swarm

swarm through something

to gather in a crowd and move through something or some place. The shoppers swarmed through the store, buying everything in sight. The locusts swarmed through the field, eating the entire harvest.
See also: swarm, through

swarm with someone or something

to be abundant or crowded with moving people or things. The playground was swarming with children, and I couldn't find my own. The picnic blanket swarmed with ants.
See also: swarm

swarm with

To be full of some things or some people; abound or teem with some things or some people: The rotten log swarmed with insects. The courtroom is swarming with reporters.
See also: swarm
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5B-D), suggesting that swarms adjust final nest size by deciding whether to add a final module.
Finally, robotic maneuver swarms may offer the best platform to execute reconnaissance pull tactics, a subset of Auftragstaktik or mission-type tactics.
The swarm is different from the usual main shock with aftershocks in that the latter would constitute a major or distinct fault movement, followed by smaller readjustments, whereas the Batangas earthquake swarm was triggered by incremental fault movements, with intervening small events, Solidum said.
When moving, the swarm particles try to improve the solution they found earlier and exchange information with their neighbors, thereby finding a global optimum for the fewer number of iterations.
The bee stings were reported during mission stops (Guatemala and El Salvador) in which bee swarms were observed aboard ship.
It employs swarm tactics in the air and on the ground, too.
Using an all-new technique called Turing Learning, the team managed to get an artificial intelligence to watch movements within a swarm of simple robots and figure out the rules that govern their behavior.
A lot of swarms come from wild colonies, and unless you live near a beekeeper, you will have no idea from where they came.
Mr Pattinson refused to allow Mr Kearry to enter on his land to take the swarm and Mr Kearry's subsequent action against Mr Pattinson for damages of PS4 for the loss of the swarm failed, as the swarm was no longer his property.
Data from 2011 and 2013 years swarms were processed in the same way.
We characterized the mating swarms of frog-biting midges by analyzing their aggregations and flight pattern.
She said members from the association can collect swarms and carefully take them away to bee hives.
At the moment, most control strategies involve a) lots of pesticide and b) keeping an eye out to spot swarms before they start.
Seeley uses Lindauer's experiments about honeybee swarms as a jumping-off point to write about the important lessons of honeybee behavior and to describe his own lifelong studies surrounding honeybee swarms.
But in a surprising discovery, the researchers found that computationally, bacteria actually have superior survival tactics, finding "food" and avoiding harm more easily than swarms such as amoeba or fish.