change/swap places

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change places

To switch to the spot, role, or position that another person currently is in. I want to talk to the people at the other end of the table. Would you mind changing places? Many people say that they would gladly change places with a celebrity, but I doubt they would enjoy the constant attention.
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change/swap ˈplaces (with somebody)

(of two people, groups, etc.) exchange seats, positions, situations, etc: The Smiths can afford to go away a lot because they haven’t got a family to bring up. But I wouldn’t want to change places with them.Can you see the whiteboard where you are, or would you like to swap places?
See also: change, place, swap
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He added: "I would like to swap places with them, that is for sure.
Lazio were three points clear in third place heading into the end-of-the-season encounter in Naples, however, the hosts' superior head-to-head record meant a win would see the teams swap places.
Almondbury BC and Milnsbridge BC B swap places at the top of Section 3, where Kirkheaton C&BC move up two places to go third.
At the bottom of the log, Cohen FC 4 will be hoping for a change in fortune when they take on SKW 3 in an effort to swap places.
In the top division, Mariners beat The Tail (Mike Hall, Ramon McHugh, Kieran Davidson) 4-3 thanks to goals from Jason Carey, John Prescott, Lee Smith and Charlie Marr and they swap places with their opponents to go top of the league.
YORKSHIRE have had 11 days to regroup after the disappointing defeat to Durham which saw the sides swap places at the top of Championship Division One.
When asked who he would swap places with for a day, Rob said: "Someone who works at Nandos.
If that is indeed the case, then would it not be sensible to get one of those people to swap places with Dougie who most definitely is from Coventry?
It was about 90 minutes into the journey when the drivers were seen by horrified passengers to swap places to allow one to go to the toilet.
The two overall leaders in the B Division continue to swap places and Amalgamated lead Eston Institute by only seven points.
Let's have a Wife Swap-style TV programme in which spoilt Chelsea and Liverpool followers get to swap places with fans of lower-league clubs so they can learn about being a true supporter.
I may be in prison, but I wouldn't swap places with anyone else in the world.
05pm The US version of the programme where wives swap places for two weeks.
There are lots of teams who would love to swap places with us, so don't feel too upset this week