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The impact of any hack is reduced to just a portion of the smart card base; this also reduces the cost of a swap out.
This solution enables Sky's field engineers to efficiently test a device, increases customer confidence in the diagnosis, and ultimately reduces device swap outs.
The battery pack is designed as a quick change one, so that swap outs are fast.
In addition to any necessary maintenance, the SSGNs receive a full food on-load, all of their stock DTO material, any required SIM items, and a resupply of any high usage submarine consumables, as well as crew swap outs and any other equipment or supplies needed in order to support their mission.
By reducing unnecessary dispatches and STB swap outs, xVu helps operators to control operating costs and remain cost-competitive, while consistently ensuring high QoE which improves overall customer retention levels.
Unified Network Control for Cloud Consumption: Nuage Networks VSP overlays virtualized and bare metal resources without imposing hardware swap outs and enables unified network controls and management of multiple standalone DevOps clouds.
The battery unit is designed specifically for easy swap outs, and is composed of two sealed lead acid batteries that can be recharged in as little as 4-6 hours with the included smart battery charger.
Network managers and engineers at mid to large enterprise, government and military organizations are now responsible for thousands of configuration files that can be exposed to potential external threats as well as inconsistencies due to swap outs, upgrades and other operational changes, wholly apart from the servers and PCs configurations.