swap for

swap someone or something for (someone or something else)

to trade someone or something for someone or something else. I will swap my shortstop for your second baseman. There are times when I would gladly swap you for a new careven an old car!
See also: swap
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The swap for counterparty A has converted a variable price issue to a fixed price.
As the pioneer of ATA RAID and the first company to deliver a hot swap enclosure for ATA RAID environments, Promise has recognized the necessity of reliable SATA drive hot swap for server applications," said Sam Sirisena, vice president of sales and marketing worldwide, Promise Technology, Inc.
He structured such deals as a $300 million floating-to-fixed interest rate swap for a District of Columbia General Obligation refunding bond issue, a complicated transaction involving the refunding of more than 200 separate loan obligations; and a $148 million floating-to-fixed rate swap for the City of Philadelphia, the first done by a major city government, in 1990.
Caps are usually sold against the same indices as the floating-rate side of a swap for hedge periods under five years, but cap premiums tend to be prohibitively expensive for longer maturities.
In addition to the pre-existing swaps, MCH intends to enter into an insured floating-to fixed rate swap for a notional amount of approximately $210 million closer to the date of bond issue with Citibank, N.
In addition to the Lehman swaps, Wellmont has entered into a forward starting swap for a notional amount of $150 million with Morgan Stanley Capital Services, Inc.
Calendar Year 2008 - A swap for 47,000 mmbtu per month at a swap price of $8.
AMH entered into a basis swap for a notional amount of $145 million with UBS AG as the counterparty (rated 'AA+/F1+' by Fitch).
The first of those products, the Pigeon Point Hot Swap Kit, is immediately available to CompactPCI vendors and users to enable hot swap for Windows 2000/XP and Linux on their platforms.
Fixed-Price Swaps - For the first quarter of 2002, Wiser entered into a fixed-price swap for 2,000 barrels of oil per day at a price of $27.
Unlike other swap sites that charge significant transaction fees, WebSwap members can now buy, sell or swap for free.
The first of those products, the Pigeon Point Hot Swap Kit, is immediately available to CompactPCI platform vendors to enable hot swap for Windows 2000 users of their platforms.
NYSE:AOL), the world's leading interactive services company, under which Switchouse will build a co-branded swap site that will enable America Online's more than 22 million members to swap for the music, games, movies and books they want.
Users can buy, sell or swap for similar items or for any of the thousands of non-music items listed in the more than 100 trading categories on WebSwap.
By enabling people to utilize unused items to swap for what they want, Switchouse will unleash the potential buying power for millions of consumers.