swamp with

swamp someone or something with something

to cover or deluge someone or something with something. The flood swamped our property with river water. The many orders for their product swamped the small business with too much to do.
See also: swamp
References in classic literature ?
The sea and swamp both were doubtless alive with these mighty, carnivorous amphibians, and if not, the individual that menaced me would pursue me into either the sea or the swamp with equal facility.
The fact that he modified this swamp with "Japanese" suggests that this swamp identity represented not merely an individual identity but a shared, culturally-particular identity.
At one point, Rosenberg pelts the swamp with pebbles.
Less than two weeks after this sighting, Gallagher and his buddy Bobby Ray Harrison--art history professor, photographer, southerner, and dyed-in-the-wool ivory-bill chaser--hit the swamp with Sparling, canoeing through the bayou in search of the mystery bird.