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And the sperm cells in the dish consistently swam upstream, the researchers discovered.
Water gushed and thundered ever more loudly as I swam upstream against the current, shafts of light filtered down from the high roof, and as the channel deepened and the water churned I understood how Jonah felt after being swallowed by the whale.
The union's preservation efforts through establishing spawning grounds and a fish sanctuary for ayu -- which spawn in rivers late in autumn, descend to the sea and swim upstream early in spring -- paid off, as about three million ayu swam upstream in the river from Tosa Bay off Kochi Prefecture in spring 2004.
The fish then swam upstream to a tributary, the East Fork Bull River, where they spawned, mixing with other bull trout that had resided in the Cabinet Gorge Reservoir throughout their lives.
As my boyfriend and I headed to the charming town of Campbell River, Canada, on Vancouver Island, the self-proclaimed salmon capital of the world, we pondered the existential question posed by the futility of the salmon's life journey: We were there to snorkel downstream as the salmon swam upstream on their Sisyphean voyage to spawn and then die in the same place they were hatched.
I used to sit in my room and hear them thrashing in the water as they swam upstream," Carkeek says.
He planned to mail it to an executive who was planning a gold-mining operation that would poison the clear water of the Blackfoot River and the big trout that swam upstream.