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For example, through sensorimotor training, proper body positioning and posture, adaptive equipment, body maneuvers, and swallowing techniques.
Choking is the most immediate danger, but those who have problems swallowing may not be able to eat or drink enough to maintain an ideal weight, stay properly hydrated, or maintain good health.
Dr Head started to research ways of assessing swallowing after discovering there is no single accepted method, either in the UK or internationally.
People often ask how they know if they or someone they know or care for has a swallowing problem.
The process of swallowing needs to be considered as part of a pressure-generating system.
In conjunction, the MBS study, which is a radiological examination of the swallowing process, is key to determine the nature and extent of the swallowing disorder, which is a frequent cause of morbidity and disability in all age groups, resulting from a wide spectrum of medical conditions and if not timely and properly detected and assessed, may lead to dehydration, weight loss, aspiration pneumonia, airway obstruction, severely reduced quality of life and even death, added the company.
Surface Electromyographic Assessment of Swallowing Function.
By considering GCS, a metric of consciousness, literature suggested that there is no significant association between frequency rate of swallowing and GCS score.
Comprehensive Management of Swallowing Disorders, 2nd Edition
However, swallowing is a complex process and data from a recent market study has shown that more than half of the population experiences difficulties swallowing tablets and capsules, a factor that can seriously impact on compliance.
Where swallowing is difficult, people may become isolated, under-nourished and frail.