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A woman sword swallower died on a cruise ship after her blade was nicked while being passed round the audience to make sure it wasn't a fake.
is what the m his ildest ace of darempiric His demonic line-up contains d devil trapeze flyers and a vam crow woman suspended only by hair, plus whirlwind roller skaters sword swallowers.
ACT Lindsay Brenner BRAVE Sword swallower Jack PIER PRESSURE Jeremy Hallam and Jack Wise at Poolbeg Lighthouse Pier in Dublin yesterday
Among the highlights are acts from the Moscow State Circus, a sword swallower, a man who eats glass lightbulbs and opens beer bottles with his eye sockets, a woman who climbs a ladder of swords, a contortionist, a troupe of Kenyan acrobats and Gary Stretch, who claims to have the stretchiest skin in the world.
BRITAIN'S Got Talent is being investigated by Ofcom after parents complained about glass swallower Steve Starr.
1895: A ball of hair weighing 5lb 3oz was removed from the stomach of a compulsive swallower in south Devon.
Max is a paranoid pill swallower and scotch imbiber, an ancient-history buff who likes to use old battles to illustrate his points.
BRITAIN'S Got Talent is being investigated by a watchdog after parents complained about glass swallower Steve Starr.
Instead we hear from professional sword swallower Dan Meyer who uses the technique from his act to explain why Curtis survived.
Other performers at the circus include a 7ft-tall sword swallower, a man with elastic skin and a contortionist who can squeeze into a bottle just 18in in diameter and 30in high.
Sword swallower Hannibal Helmurto, 38, was unaware of being transfixed until wife Joanna found him.
Swansea-born sword swallower Sebastian Vittorini agreed that 'freak' acts should not be banned.
In the 90s, drinks have brought us the dedicated swallower of fashion.
A list of the world's most dangerous occupations would have to to include fire-eater, sword swallower, tightrope walker and playing goalkeeper for the Kings.
Entertainment consists of scores of colorfully costumed performers from the Royal Court to jousting knights, jugglers, jesters, magicians, swordsmen and a variety of often unique specialty acts, including a nationally recognized sword swallower.