swallow the bait

swallow/take the bait

to accept something that is only being offered to you so that you will do something The offer of a free radio with every television proved very popular, and hundreds of shoppers swallowed the bait.
See rise to the bait
See also: bait, swallow
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Usually the larger sheepshead will hit the fiddlers first and they swallow the bait making it a lot easier to set the hook," said Overly who uses a red-colored No.
And the Prime Minister was forced to cancel his flight to Warsaw where he intended to mobilize the Poles against the Palestinian proposal in the UN, and instead went to meet the representatives of Israel's student unions and offer them all kinds of inducements aimed at splitting up the struggle but they did not swallow the bait and the PM will have to think about another trick and oh God why did it all have to fall on his head?
Hopefully the Egyptians would not swallow the bait of falling in the same gutter that they managed to escape from, enticed by the hypocritical words of Obama; "We stand ready to provide assistance that is necessary to help the Egyptian people as they manage the aftermath of these protests.
Worm anglers can avoid deep hooking salmon by striking them quickly, rather than employing the traditional technique of giving the salmon line continually in order to let it swallow the bait.
But if the ordinary man and woman on the street, at home or in their cars swallow the bait and vote for her, what does that matter?
A small perch is often the first species of fish a young angler will catch, simply because they tend to hang on to a maggot or small worm and swallow the bait altogether.
Salem's trainer, the splendidly-named Nettles Nasser, added: "Kabary's going to retire Calzaghe," prompting Joe's father and trainer, Enzo, to swallow the bait.
They refused to swallow the bait, buoyantly professing their pride and admiration of the dominant sibling's achievement.
Most anglers like to pause before setting the hook which allows the flounder to swallow the bait.