swallow pride

swallow one's pride

Fig. to forget one's pride and accept something humiliating. I had to swallow my pride and admit that I was wrong. When you're trying to master a new skill, you find yourself swallowing your pride quite often.
See also: pride, swallow

swallow your pride

to admit that you have been wrong about someone or something He swallowed his pride and called his daughter to apologize. I swallowed my pride and asked for a second chance.
Usage notes: often said about something that has embarrassed you
See also: pride, swallow

swallow your pride

to accept that you have to do something that you think is embarrassing or that you think you are too good to do Swallow your pride and call your daughter to tell her you're sorry.
See swallow the bait, one swallow doesn't make a summer
See also: pride, swallow
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It just needs politicians to swallow pride, and change policies.
It is bizarre Villa ever let him go in the first place but we should swallow pride and admit we need his skills and strength of character in midfield.
And is it time to let bygones be bygones, to swallow pride and give Jason Sherlock a call after he was discarded?
They've all have had to swallow pride, setting aside personal feelings, even disappointment, as they go through practices trying help make their teammates better.
It's not easy to swallow pride but you need to accept some wise advice from an experienced individual.
If someone could swallow pride, mixed with humble pie and head over to Rotterdam an immediate solution could be found that would please fans and players alike.