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1. noun Extreme self-confidence. A shortened form of the word "swagger." All the girls want to date him because he's got swag.
2. noun Small promotional items given away at events such as conferences. Look at all the swag I got at that HR conference! Pens, a clipboard, even a beach ball!
3. adjective or interjection Cool; awesome. Yeah that dude's pretty swag. Pizza party with my squad! Swag!

scientific wild ass guess

and SWAG
phr. & comp. abb. a simple guess. (Often objectionable.) I don’t know at all. That was a SWAG. I always use the SWAG system.
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Poke the liquidambar leaves into the purchased swag base, working from one end to the other; weave their short stems a bit among the twigs to secure them.
Catrina explains: "I'm really excited about Swags & Tails and look forward to the tour.
LAYERING: This is the biggest trend in window treatments and includes layering the window with a shade, then sheers, draperies - or side panels - and a valance or swag on the top.
The latest vogue in swags and tails is to drape a swag of fabric over your rail, leaving a generous length hanging down each side.
Garden swags can be as simple as clusters of fir boughs strung together and hung between two points, but the most handsome ones artfully combine several types of fresh foliage with berries, flowers, and fruits.
The focal roses in this collection of bushes, swags, garlands, wreaths and accent arrangements, use a coated textile to give the flowers a soft feel and the colors a muted sheen.
Matching items, wreaths, kissing balls and door swags can be pre-ordered by calling Pat Thomas at (978) 422-3566.
In the grand foyer, visitors are greeted with cloudlike displays of silk plaid draperies with swags and jabots on the windows, each playfully trimmed with fringe and pompons to match the tufted love seat, designed by Carolyn E.
Each part is further divided into four sections and displays, against a white matte background, sixteen to twenty swags of light gray material.
Draped gracefully across a fireplace mantel or over a front door, swags of greens and berries announce the holidays with color and fragrance.
A glamorous group of soldiers' wives and girlfriends - or SWAGs - have joined forces to pose for a sexy calendar to support their men in Afghanistan.
Adding more Florentine flavor is a massive gilt horse's head, a vividly colored Persian rug, an eclectic combination of chintz and leather chairs, and stained-glass windows adorned with toile de Jouy swags.
The swags and valances, trims and tassels, moldings and bed canopies define the compositions circumspectly; the pale color schemes harmonize with rosy cheeks and golden hair; and the languid pastorals on toile-du-Juoy draperies seem to validate the insular pastimes of the New England upper crust - the milieu to which Barney herself belongs.
The fresh Christmas trees, wreaths, swags, lights, and outdoor giant airblown characters, including Snowman or Santa, available at Walmart.