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1. noun Extreme self-confidence. A shortened form of the word "swagger." All the girls want to date him because he's got swag.
2. noun Small promotional items given away at events such as conferences. Look at all the swag I got at that HR conference! Pens, a clipboard, even a beach ball!
3. adjective or interjection Cool; awesome. Yeah that dude's pretty swag. Pizza party with my squad! Swag!

scientific wild ass guess

and SWAG
phr. & comp. abb. a simple guess. (Often objectionable.) I don’t know at all. That was a SWAG. I always use the SWAG system.
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Village Green may eventually designate someone in the corporate office to manage the swag bag program, but right now the focus is to keep the program local.
Harvest some leaves or branch clippings to create wreaths or swags for hanging on gates, doors, or mantels.
I went to show him my disabled bus and train pass and a card from the Environmental Health which says Swag is allowed in places where there is food.
Developed specifically to appeal to the high school-aged athlete, SWAG is accessible for free through iTunes (for iPhone and iPad) and Google Play (for Droid) for its inaugural issue.
Will play games for swag: An attendee plays bean bag toss at the Offit Kurman booth for a chance to win some RIMS swag.
com as it's international portal that features personally designed items such as wreaths, baskets, swags and wall decor.
8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Hollywood Swag Bag is preparing gift bags for the 2015 Golden Globe Award Nominees to be delivered to a luxury hotel location in Beverly Hills.
The services requested, herein, are for the Construction Management at Risk (CM) services to renovate the SWAG Health Center Building in Gainesville, FL.
The 16-year-old bowled the judges over when she belted out the US star's chart-topper Turn My Swag On.
It also features a spectacular evening fashion show starring the Hammond dancers, with the opportunity to view Simmi Woman's winter and Christmas designer ladieswear collection, menswear by Swag Menswear and hair by Absolute Cutters.
But the swag scene baffled Tilda Swinton, who wanted to talk up "Derek," a documentary about late indie director Derek Jarman.
The Sultans of Swag Hollywood Gift Lounge and Goodie Bag Company, which in the past has attended the British Comedy Awards and The Brits, will provide the official gift lounge where celebrities will be able to pick and choose their goodie bags.
The local hack at the record store told me it was unremarkable Rip Off swag, but after two or three listens I couldn't get the songs outta my head.
The Entryway, 1997, presents the electric fan, taped-up Polaroids, and shag carpeting of an apartment that could play host to the Spanish-style swag lamp depicted in Chandelier (Hope), 1998.
The company has designed two porcelain buffet patterns for holiday entertaining: Holiday Swag and Classic Wreath.