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swab something down

to wash or scrub something, such as the deck of a ship. The sailors were told to swab the deck down each day. Swab down the deck!
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swab something out

to wash or wipe something out in order to make it clean. The doctor swabbed my ear out carefully. The doctor swabbed out my ear carefully.
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swab something out of something

 and swab something Out
to wipe or mop something out of something. The doctor swabbed the wax out of my ear. I swabbed out the last of the mud on the floor.
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swab down

To clean a surface with a swab: The sailor swabbed down the deck. If the table is dirty, swab it down with lots of soap.
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swab out

To clean the inside of something with a swab: I used this cloth to swab out the rifles. The doctor swabbed my ear out.
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9% among self-collected vaginal swabs from 1,494 women; 57% of these tests were confirmed positive using the Aptima Combo 2 assay.
The court heard how Mr Robinson originally took samples from cotton bud swabs in his Chepstow laboratory, which were then analysed under a microscope.
Two more patients at a hospital in Reading complained that Dr Wilson left swabs inside them.
The traces on this swab will serve as the standard for comparison with traces recovered from the victim and the suspect.
When used by a certified renovator, 3M LeadCheck Swabs are EPA-recognized to determine that lead-based paint is not present on wood, metal, plaster and drywall, making them an important tool when following the RRP Rule.
Therefore, Puritan and Puritan's customers have unprejudiced freedom to sell Puritan's HydraFlock and PurFlock Ultra flocked swabs in Europe without concern for Copan's European patent or expired utility models.
Mammals screened for Beilong virus, People's Republic of China, September 2008-August 2009 Animal Sample type * Bats, n = 502 Throat swab, rectal swab Cats, n = 130 Nasal swab, rectal swab, urine, blood Cattle, n = 100 Nasal swab, rectal swab, liver, buffy coat, plasma Dogs, n = 149 Nasal swab, rectal swab, urine, blood Hamsters, n = 49 Throat swab, intestinal swab, kidney Pigs, n = 100 Nasal swab, rectal swab, liver, blood Wild urban rodents, n = 120 Rectal swab, throat swab, rectal swab, kidney, spleen Wild rural rodents, n = 248 Throat swab, rectal swab * All sample types listed for each animal were collected except wild rodents: 237 throat swab and 246 rectal swab samples were collected from 248 wild rodents.
He consistently refused to confirm if he had taken the swabs at all.
New Delhi, Sep 4 (ANI): One and half years after the sensational Aarushi Talwar murder case, another twist has emerged following reports that the swab sample taken from Aarushi's body was swapped with an unidentified woman's sample.
CHICAGO -- Patient-collected rectal swabs are just as accurate as provider-collected swabs for diagnosing chlamydia and gonorrhea infections in men, Dr.
The special swab kit contains a pair of gloves, an evidence bag and two sterile swabs.
THE device we used swabs surfaces to detect cocaine molecules.
The scientists then wiped the swabs on lab dishes with nutrients that would support the growth of only methylotrophs.
The kits, which contain a pair of gloves, evidence bag and two sterile swabs, will enable guards and conductors to collect vital DNA evidence from any attacker who spits at them.