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swab something down

to wash or scrub something, such as the deck of a ship. The sailors were told to swab the deck down each day. Swab down the deck!
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swab something out

to wash or wipe something out in order to make it clean. The doctor swabbed my ear out carefully. The doctor swabbed out my ear carefully.
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swab something out of something

 and swab something Out
to wipe or mop something out of something. The doctor swabbed the wax out of my ear. I swabbed out the last of the mud on the floor.
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swab down

To clean a surface with a swab: The sailor swabbed down the deck. If the table is dirty, swab it down with lots of soap.
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swab out

To clean the inside of something with a swab: I used this cloth to swab out the rifles. The doctor swabbed my ear out.
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SAN DIEGO -- Clinicians who treat children with acute gastrointestinal illness should consider testing rectal swabs when they need to rapidly identify enteropathogens and cannot immediately obtain a bulk stool sample, Stephen Freedman, MD, said at an annual scientific meeting on infectious diseases.
The cotton swab touches only the accused's outer skin.
Puritan manufactures more than 40 types of swabs, which include the PurFlock and HydraFlock lines, all of which are manufactured in Guilford, Maine by American workers.
According to the company, the nasal swabs are most effective at shortening the duration of a cold when used at the first sign.
The swab also shows promise as being one swab type that could be tested for four different STIs.
8% of whom had gonorrhea, the vulvovaginal swab sent for NAAT was more sensitive than culture (98% vs 78%; P=0.
Out of total 100, 27 women were swab positive in the first trimester (i.
She said: "The figures suggest that the police are still taking swabs from very young children when this information is not likely to be necessary.
They believe that such additions could enhance the binding between the swab and irregularly shaped explosive particles.
2 swabs powder chamber, spindle assembly, and gas check seat using chamber swab (30) after each round fired.
The triangulation is used as a shape detector of swabs: Falling laser ray creates an arc on the swab.
KOHAT, July 12, 2010 (Balochistan Times): A suicide bomber blew himself up near Hujra of tribal elder of Orakzai Agency, Sardar Malik Swab in the area of Khawasi Banda, however, no causality was reported in the blast.
KOHAT, July 12, 2010 (Frontier Star): A suicide bomber blew himself up near Hujra of tribal elder of Orakzai Agency, Sardar Malik Swab in the area of Khawasai Banda, however, no causality was reported in the blast.
AN elderly woman died after a surgical swab was left inside her for nine months.
The cost of the flocked swab method was 58% less in terms of equipment and procedural time than for nasopharyngeal aspiration in this 106-patient study, Dr.