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swab something down

to wash or scrub something, such as the deck of a ship. The sailors were told to swab the deck down each day. Swab down the deck!
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swab something out

to wash or wipe something out in order to make it clean. The doctor swabbed my ear out carefully. The doctor swabbed out my ear carefully.
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swab something out of something

 and swab something Out
to wipe or mop something out of something. The doctor swabbed the wax out of my ear. I swabbed out the last of the mud on the floor.
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swab down

To clean a surface with a swab: The sailor swabbed down the deck. If the table is dirty, swab it down with lots of soap.
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swab out

To clean the inside of something with a swab: I used this cloth to swab out the rifles. The doctor swabbed my ear out.
See also: out, swab
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As we enter cold season, having safe and effective products, such as Zicam, Cold Remedy Nasal Swabs, is extremely beneficial in helping to get over a cold faster and get us back to our lives.
Investigating the utility of oral swab samples for diagnosing EVD in humans is challenging because paired blood and oral swab samples are rarely available and because the timing of sample collection relative to onset of disease and course of infection is often estimated.
Partial list of data tables and figures provided in this cotton swab market research covers:
Police are allowed to take DNA from mouth swabs, hair or blood samples regardless of whether that person is charged with an offence.
The device that is described in this article is using for counting of hygienically swabs.
Again, doctors found a swab, which had been festering in her womb for three months following an emergency Caesarean.
Number of n Cell Collection Tissue Swab Mean DNA Technique Source Strokes Yield (ng/[micro]l) Mantle Mantle 8 447.
Then, use another cotton swab to secure the loop poking through the hole.
Seeking to both celebrate its 100th anniversary and attract new customers to the cotton swab segment, Sentinel Consumer Products is releasing the International Collection, featuring 300- and 500-count packages of cotton swabs.
Many women and their physicians may find vaginal swab specimens preferable to the standard cervical swab and first-catch urine specimens because of greater ease of specimen collection and transport.
Unfortunately, one particular afloat unit experienced this phenomenon first hand with a contaminated swab.
Three years ago the company introduced pre-filled cotton swab applicators, designed to deliver make-up remover, cuticle softener or antiseptic in a compact, sanitary, and easy to use format.