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look suspiciously like (something)

1. To bear a strong or striking resemblance to something. A cow on our farm has a mark on its side that looks suspiciously like the prime minister. His tattoo looks suspiciously like the crest of my old boarding school.
2. To look so similar to something that it is, could be, or borders on plagiarism. The movie's promotional material all looks suspiciously like the blockbuster that released earlier in the year. It seems like they're trying to cash in on that movie's success. Your test answers looked suspiciously like Marten's, so I'm having you both take a new test in rooms by yourselves.
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sound suspiciously like (something)

To sound very similar to something else, to the point of possible plagiarism. The main chorus in this song sounds suspiciously like that hit single from 1978.
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look/sound suspiciously like something

(often humorous) be very similar to something: Their latest single sounds suspiciously like the last one.
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40am after receiving reports of a man acting suspiciously outside.
Anyone who saw anybody acting suspiciously in the area on Monday is urged to call 101, quoting log 495 01/05/17.
If you have seen someone behaving suspiciously around this machine in Gresford please report it quoting RC17061222.
It was actually me and Jack, acting suspiciously apparently, walking down the street we live on.
30pm by the school caretaker who had seen a man acting suspiciously on the premises.
But it emerged officers had also been called to the street an hour previously by a third person who had seen someone acting suspiciously.
A police spokesman said: "We got a call from the school on Woodthorpe Road of a man acting suspiciously.
Leeds Crown Court heard yesterday that Adam Robinson had been seen acting suspiciously by a security guard and a member of staff on the evening of January 30.
He was arrested on June 2 when police saw four men acting suspiciously in Wynyard Road, Hartlepool, after it appeared that an exchange took place, said prosecutor Helen Masters.
A police officer testified that the defendant was arrested in Rashid Hospital after she was spotted while acting suspiciously.
Chief Inspector Allan Gregory, from the British Transport Police, added, 'This was a serious incident and is being treated suspiciously.
Detectives on surveillance Tuesday spotted a man acting suspiciously near the home.
ScottishPower appealed for the public's help in tracking down anyone acting suspiciously around its equipment.
But this flaw is almost comforting; if it weren't for that weakness, Dale's efforts would be suspiciously magical.
Glenn Garvin writes, "During World War II, when the Soviet Union and the United States were allied against Hitler, [Christopher] Trumbo's Communist father, Dalton, also named names, secretly pointing the FBI to Hollywood figures he believed were suspiciously anti-war.