keep in suspense

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keep someone in (a state of) suspense

to make someone wait anxiously for something. Tell us what happened. Don't keep us in a state of suspense. Don't keep me in suspense!
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References in classic literature ?
Even if we had the means of paying all the law expenses, even if we succeeded in the end, the delays would be unendurable, the perpetual suspense, after what we have suffered already, would be heartbreaking.
John Ferrier felt that instant death would be better than the suspense which shook his nerves and chilled his heart.
Badal has been recognized as "One of The 50 Best Writers You Should Be Reading" and was the 2013 winner of the New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards for Suspense Fiction.
Seriously speaking, contradictory views voiced over India,Pakistan relations have only added to a veneer of suspense over their diplomatic ties.
The game of deceit between Suraj and Monica is meant to drive the suspense here, but it is weakly executed.
For the purposes of the CO2 exam, a suspense account balance will be provided, probably based on the first type of situation I have described, together with a number of errors that have been uncovered.
Only a movie with suspense does well," he added, when asked about the DMK maintaining suspense on its stand over the FDI issue and whether it would support a no-confidence motion against the UPA Government.
Summary: The study looks at suspense in media entertainment - particularly sports - and how outcomes of suspenseful episodes affect viewers' relief.
The company said that Mulholland Books is named after Mulholland Drive in the Hollywood Hills, which has featured in several mystery and suspense novels and films.
Part erotic horror, part supernatural suspense, it will stay in your mind long after you've finished the novel.
Now available in paperback, A Night in the Cemetery and Other Stories of Crime and Suspense collects the classic crime and suspense stories of literary genius Anton Chekhov.
100 most popular thriller and suspense authors; biographical sketches and bibliographies.
A novel of suspense and uncovering the truth, "The Other Side of the Horizon" is riveting and worth many a suspense reader's time.
Music and visual cues add suspense and appeal for students with various learning styles.