surrender to

surrender someone or something to someone or something

to give up someone or something to someone or something. You must surrender your child to the nurse for the child's own good. She will give her right back. He surrendered his car to the bank.

surrender to someone or something

to give in to someone or something; to yield to someone or something. The robber surrendered to the cops. I will never surrender to my baser passions.

surrender to

1. To relinquish possession or control of something to someone or something because of demand or compulsion: The commander surrendered the valley to the opposing forces.
2. To submit to the control or authority of someone or something: The army surrendered to the enemy after they lost the key battle. I hope the suspect surrenders to the police soon.
3. To give over or resign oneself, as to an emotion. Used reflexively: When I lost my parents, I surrendered myself to grief.
References in classic literature ?
What will become of you if you don't surrender to us?
Complete surrender to a particular mood until the mood itself surrenders to the artist, and afterwards silent ceaseless toil until a form worthy of its expression has been achieved -- this is the method of Li Po and his fellows.
Surrender to the king's mercy ere a worse thing befall you.
I have spoken of the surrender to their extraordinary childish grace as a thing I could actively cultivate, and it may be imagined if I neglected now to address myself to this source for whatever it would yield.
tax purposes, since the UK group relief provisions (a statutory scheme that affords an entitlement to certain commonly controlled company groupings to surrender or share losses between group members) restricts loss claim and surrender to U.
After the offer was originally broadcast on Saudi national television, Sa'aban bin Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Lailahi Al-Shihri, who had been wanted in a security-related case for two years, became the first militant to accept the offer and surrender to authorities.
As is well known, Freud associates dreams of falling with anxiety and (especially in the case of women) surrender to temptation.
Wilson, human nature is characterized by archetypes; Speyer's recurring figures and erotically evocative palette (lurid violet, gentle green) seem to express surrender to erotic temptation as one of these.
OXNARD - A 39-year-old Oxnard woman was arrested Monday after relatives convinced her to surrender to the FBI, which was looking for her in connection with Ventura County's only bank robbery so far this year.
In a surrender to a creditor by deed in lieu of foreclosure, the consideration will include the entire amount of the liabilities encumbering the property.
Mills has not been arrested and is scheduled to surrender to court officials at his arraignment Tuesday in Los Angeles Municipal Court.