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surrender someone or something to someone or something

to give up someone or something to someone or something. You must surrender your child to the nurse for the child's own good. She will give her right back. He surrendered his car to the bank.

surrender to someone or something

to give in to someone or something; to yield to someone or something. The robber surrendered to the cops. I will never surrender to my baser passions.

surrender to

1. To relinquish possession or control of something to someone or something because of demand or compulsion: The commander surrendered the valley to the opposing forces.
2. To submit to the control or authority of someone or something: The army surrendered to the enemy after they lost the key battle. I hope the suspect surrenders to the police soon.
3. To give over or resign oneself, as to an emotion. Used reflexively: When I lost my parents, I surrendered myself to grief.
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A Northumbria Police spokeswoman added: "This is a surrender not an amnesty.
Let the insurer defer payment of cash surrender for up to six months.
Det Chief Insp Paul Fountain of the Homicide and Major Enquiry Team, said: "The response we had during the weapons surrender was fantastic with a total of 154 knives and other weapons surrendered as well as 96 guns.
THE Centre had lauded the increase in the number of surrenders by Maoists in Chattisgarh and termed it a major achievement but recent intelligence reports have revealed that several of them were not genuine.
There are two types of surrender value-guaranteed surrender value and special/cash surrender value.
These authors discuss the effects of modified surrender behavior due to secondary market activity but their aim is not to perform quantitative analyses in this respect from an insurer's perspective.
The surrender had the effect of releasing the tenant from any future liability arising after the surrender.
Unfortunately, the only time many people hear about the safe surrender law is when there is a fatality reported in the news,'' Radford said.
Importantly, the $300,000 in the new variable annuity contract is subject to surrender charges if withdrawn by S in its initial years.
The market opportunity exists primarily as an alternative to surrender values payable by life insurance companies when a policy owner decides to redeem or cash in the policy.
A life settlement turns insurance assets into cash, giving the original policyholder an amount greater than the cash surrender value in exchange for ownership of the policy.
tax purposes, since the UK group relief provisions (a statutory scheme that affords an entitlement to certain commonly controlled company groupings to surrender or share losses between group members) restricts loss claim and surrender to U.
atomic massacres at Hiroshima and Nagasaki were committed to force the Japanese surrender.
But the annuity penalties, called surrender charges, are staggering, typically ranging between 5% and 7% in the first year.