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surrender someone or something to someone or something

to give up someone or something to someone or something. You must surrender your child to the nurse for the child's own good. She will give her right back. He surrendered his car to the bank.

surrender to someone or something

to give in to someone or something; to yield to someone or something. The robber surrendered to the cops. I will never surrender to my baser passions.

surrender to

1. To relinquish possession or control of something to someone or something because of demand or compulsion: The commander surrendered the valley to the opposing forces.
2. To submit to the control or authority of someone or something: The army surrendered to the enemy after they lost the key battle. I hope the suspect surrenders to the police soon.
3. To give over or resign oneself, as to an emotion. Used reflexively: When I lost my parents, I surrendered myself to grief.
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And now they are being used to form part of a statue being sculpted by Alfie Bradley as part of the Save a Life, Surrender Your Knife campaign.
Besides, there is also a difference of opinion on the surrender policy.
Dunkerly, historian and park ranger at Richmond National Battlefield Park, claims that, like most other Confederate surrenders of the war, the surrender at Greensboro, North Carolina was less formal than the surrender at Appomattox.
If you stop paying premium before the end of the policy term, you are entitled to receive an amount, called surrender value, depending on the number of years completed, the premium and the bonus received.
2) In general, primary insurers have historically profited from lapse or surrender of policies, (3) especially by insureds with impaired health (see Doherty and Singer, 2002, pp.
In consideration for completion of the Surrender Agreement HR
Some cases in which the tenant successfully argued an imphed surrender having the effect of releasing the tenant from future liability are reviewed below.
Dyfed-Powys Police have seen one of the best responses to the call for surrender of weapons in their Llanelli division, where nearly all of the 389 guns in circulation have been handed in.
There are drawn symbols at our hospitals of a pair of hands holding a baby, but we didn't think a lot of people knew what the symbol meant, that it was about the safe surrender program,'' Radford said.
Presently, the contract is worth $300,000, and has no surrender charges.
In the past, companies facing these situations had three choices, depending on the type of policy: 1) recover some of the investment and surrender the policy for its cash value; 2) allow it to lapse, and write off years of premium payments as a necessary but unrecoverable business cost; or 3) continue to pay premiums until the death of the insured.
A life settlement turns insurance assets into cash, giving the original policyholder an amount greater than the cash surrender value in exchange for ownership of the policy.
tax purposes, since the UK group relief provisions (a statutory scheme that affords an entitlement to certain commonly controlled company groupings to surrender or share losses between group members) restricts loss claim and surrender to U.