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surpass someone or something in something

to exceed someone or something in some deed or quality. I will never be able to surpass Jill in speed or agility. My car surpasses yours in almost every respect.
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surpass oneself

To do the best that one ever has done at a given activity.
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Chicago's O'Hare International Surpasses Atlanta As Busiest Airport in Terms of Air Traffic.
Government agencies want to provide a free information service that surpasses the private sector in the quality of its information, search experience, and design," said Raul Valdes-Perez, CEO of Vivisimo.
It is striking that young people today look at games as an entertainment medium that surpasses or will equal the more traditional things that touch us deeply, like books, movies, and music," says Hugh Bowen of Bowen Research.
NexTone Surpasses 200 Customers Worldwide and Introduces Innovative Real-time Session Manager (RSM) Platform
Third-Generation Security Architecture Surpasses Existing Security Offering
As the industry's first stackable security services switch, the C30 surpasses the competition in terms of performance, reliability and simplicity, by compressing the functions of multiple appliances, load balancers, switches and cables into a single- or dual-device implementation, at half the cost of traditional solutions from companies such as Nokia, NetScreen and Cisco.