surge in

surge in(to something)

to burst or gush into something or some place. The water surged into the valley after the dam broke. The doors opened and the people surged in.
See also: surge
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To a question, he said due to surge in current account deficit, the state bank of Pakistan has to de-value currency.
The post Concern over surge in break-ins during Christmas period appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Despite the sudden surge in burglaries, break-ins have nearly halved in the last decade.
The unprecedented surge in migrants attempting to cross the Channel has prompted a string of measures to increase security at the terminal, including extra fencing and the deployment of more border force search and dog teams.
The surge in dollar by 40 paisa was witnessed in the inter-bank.
for Android phones and that the growth represented a 30% year-on-year surge in
GARDAI have launched a blitz on burglars following a surge in home thefts.
Retailers told Arabian Business earlier this month they had seen a surge in revenues on the back of strong sales of Apple's iPad.
Gaurav Malaviya, business head of Plug-Ins, said interest in the iPad has never been higher judging by a large surge in sales of the tablet and accessories over the Christmas holiday and in the new year.
Supermarkets in Britain have had a surge in sales of the instruments in the run-up to Friday's England v Algeria game, sparking fears by the horns' opponents they may become popular at British grounds.
But, since the procedure was mentioned on Thursday in the ECHO, the hospital has seen a surge in interest from snorers and their long-suffering partners.
We have reacted quickly to reduce a temporary surge in burglaries," said Det Insp Chris Watts.
Cleveland Police are warning residents to make sure both windows and doors are secure in the wake of a surge in house raids and have issued a "lock it or lose it" message.
A surge in the number of home burglaries is expected as it gets darker earlier because of the clocks going back.
The surge in prices for many scrap metals, especially historic high prices for copper and aluminum, has had an unsavory side effect that is plaguing the scrap industry: theft.