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surge in(to something)

to burst or gush into something or some place. The water surged into the valley after the dam broke. The doors opened and the people surged in.
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surge out (of something)

to burst forth or gush out of something or some place. The water surged out of the huge crack in the dam. We saw the crack where the water surged out.
See also: out, surge

surge up

to rush or gush upwards. A spring of fresh water surged up under the stone and flowed out on the ground. The oil surged up and blew out into the open air in a tall black column.
See also: surge, up
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He says available measures can only minimize the impact on Nigeria's coastline, as the ocean surge is a natural phenomenon that cannot be prevented.
Even as movers flex to meet the surge, resources are scarce.
The best equipment is a surge protector that comes equipped with built-in telephone line protection.
Many consumers are unaware that most surge protectors on the market today are putting their electronics and the environment at risk," explained Russell Barton, President and Co-Founder of BITS Limited.
Total potential exposure to storm surge damage: $50,284,887,752 (Ranks 9th)
The surge-control system is an important element in the compressor system because it protects the compressor from surge over the range of compressor operations.
Stage 1: Mount a simple plug-in surge suppressor at the electronic device
According to APC, it is important to select a surge suppressor suitable for your needs and equipment Co a small office needs a solution different from a huge server room or a home user.
In other words, a loss that has been demonstrated to have been triggered by wind and wind-driven rain in the hours before the storm surge came ashore has to be quantified and paid, even if the excluded storm surge reduced the structure to a foundation slab when it arrived.
The PowerSure Surge II family includes three models.
The surge started in the middle of the glacier and expanded from there until it reached the end of the Bering in late August.
The Gravifluff system is composed of a fluff surge hopper, gravimetric fluff metering hopper, RMT refeed machine, and virgin weight hopper.
However, what good is buying these gadgets if they prematurely fail due to a power surge in your house?