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The latter was full of hope and joy, yet with a trembling consciousness that this happiness would not last; praising his goodness to the skies, but with an evident, though but half-expressed wish, that it were based on a surer foundation than the natural impulses of the heart, and a half-prophetic dread of the fall of that house so founded on the sand, - which fall had shortly after taken place, as Hattersley must have been conscious while he read.
Mr Ashman was on surer ground when it came to neighbourhood policing.
Surer has condemned youths in Loroyo payam for taking the law into their own hands.
Common Sands The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer Of taxes and death we can only be surer The haves and the have-nots split our lands They live in castles while we build on common sands Their power and wealth have been inherited, And tax avoidance is to them is credited Government positions as always are old school Chosen from a very limited pool For the privileged few Oxford or Cambridge is a must In the establishment they can put their trust The powerful and the wealthy will always rule our lands Despite the best efforts of the Milibands.
A regular on the fashion scene and a friend to the stars Jodie, pictured, r is quite the character and surer to make k the party r go with a bang.
PUNTERS have never been surer who is going to win a World Cup Final.
By finals night, he was down to 1-3 and a surer thing than Luisa.
In ystanbul, which has some one-fifth of all the Turkish voters living in it, the Republican People's Party (CHP) with Mustafa SarygE-l has moved into a surer and surer position.
Summary: There is no surer way to start an argument with someone than by suggesting you know how to cook their local dish better than they do.
I'm surer she saysa these things just to annoyo me.
AYD season has arrive i d and whether you'rer jetting off to another country r or planning a staycation, a at Leekesk we'vev got everv ything r to makek surer you'rer well equipped.
Surer has more than 30 years' experience working with private companies, nonprofit groups and public organizations.
A Home Office spokeswoman said: "The Agency is taking action to deal with historic backlogs and has a transformation plan that will put the Agency on a surer footing.
There is no surer way to improve your job prospects and Tees Learn offers a range of friendly classes throughout the Teesside area.