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(It's) not supposed to.

 and (Someone's) not supposed to.
a phrase indicating that someone or something is not meant to do something. (Often with a person's name or a pronoun as a subject. See the examples.) Fred: This little piece keeps falling off. Clerk: It's not supposed to. Bill: Tom just called from Detroit and says he's coming back tomorrow. Mary: That's funny. He's not supposed to.
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supposed to

 and someone or something is supposed to
Someone or something is meant to do something. (Frequently, in speech, supposed is reduced to s'posed. The words someone or something can be replaced with nouns or pronouns, or used themselves.) Mary: They didn't deliver the flowers we ordered. Sue: Supposed to. Give them a call. Sally: This screw doesn't fit into hole number seven in the way the instructions say it should. Bill: It's supposed to. Something's wrong.
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supposed to do something

expected or intended to do something; obliged or allowed to do something. You're supposed to say "excuse me" when you burp. Mom says you're supposed to come inside for dinner now.
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supposed to

1. Intended to; also, believed to, expected to. For example, This pill is supposed to relieve your pain, or You're supposed to be my partner. [Early 1300s]
2. Required to, as in He is supposed to call home. [Mid-1800s]
3. not supposed to. Not permitted to, as in You're not supposed to smoke in here.
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(not) be supˈposed to (do something)

1 (not) be expected or required to do something by rules, the law, an agreement, etc: She’s supposed to do an hour’s homework every evening.We’re not supposed to be at the party for an hour yet.
2 (used only in negative sentences) be not allowed to do something: You’re not supposed to walk on the grass.
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what’s ˈthat supposed to mean?

(informal) used when you are angry at what somebody has said, or do not fully understand it: ‘You aren’t the most popular person at school, you know.’ ‘What’s that supposed to mean?’
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The attaches are supposed to keep and restore job opportunities for Iranian nationals abord.
If the IMF had any relevance in exercising its supposed role as guardian of the international financial system, should the IMF not be coming up with serious ideas as to how to deal with today's global payment imbalances?
It is certainly more comfortable not to have to be starch-stiff just because everybody is supposed to dress up on Sundays.
Even taking into account the events of September 11, this is supposed to be a boom time.
The Virtual Case File software was supposed to be custom built to maximize the safety and security of information.
The capture of Saddam himself was supposed to be a turning point.
The computer system was supposed to improve welfare fraud detection and the delivery of social assistance benefits.
Moreover, the GAO found that some of the federal agencies which are supposed to help make sure that child support gets where it's supposed to haven't been doing a very good job.
Name: Ginko Biloba Occupation: Supposed benefits to circulation and even reported benefits in the treatment of senile dementia.
The highly choreographed September 2002 bust of Lackawanna, New York's, supposed terrorist cell has finally culminated with a similarly choreographed string of sentencing hearings--and Lackawanna's most notorious citizens are off to prison.
THE deluge of letters about supposed racist remarks by Ann Robinson (ever the police were daft enough to investigate her)and the Street-Porter woman are becoming very boring.
Aren't the fans supposed to like long open-field runs for touchdowns?
The museum is supposed to be a representation of shards of an earth shattered by war but brought together by the healing powers of the mighty Libeskind.
Academicians are supposed to write for honor, and the academic system of exchange is supposed to be based on the reciprocal and personalized exchange of gifts rather than the impersonal selling of private property.
The very act of being dispassionate is, in fact, supposed to make me a better juror.