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pillar of strength

A supportive or emotionally strong person. My aunt has been a pillar of strength for me, helping me through many difficult moments in my life.
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be for someone or something

 and be for doing something
supporting or in favor of someone or something. I'm for abandoning the scheme. Mary is running for office, and the whole family is for her.

pillar of strength

 and pillar of support
someone or something that consistently provides moral, emotional, or financial support as does a pillar. My parents are my pillars of support. John looked to God as his pillar of strength.
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moral support

Emotional or psychological backing, as opposed to material help. For example, There's not much I can do at the doctor's office, but I'll come with you to give you moral support . [Late 1800s]
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lend supˈport, ˈweight, ˈcredence, etc. to something

make something seem more likely to be true or genuine: This latest evidence lends support to her theory.
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(give somebody) ˌmoral supˈport

(give somebody) your friendship, encouragement, approval, etc. rather than financial or practical help: Will you stay and give me some moral support while I explain to him why I’m late?Your moral support alone isn’t enough. We need money to fund this cause.
See also: moral, support

be for

To be in favor of something or someone: I'm definitely not for cutting down the trees; we need the shade. Are you for these candidates, or against them?
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