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in short supply

Scarce. Those toys are in short supply ever since that website featured them. Kindness seems to be in short supply these days, so it's nice to see someone being so selfless.
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in short supply

Fig. scarce. Fresh vegetables are in short supply in the winter. Yellow cars are in short supply because everyone likes them and buys them. At this time of the year, fresh vegetables go into short supply.
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supply and demand

the availability of things or people as compared to the need to utilize the things or people; the availability of goods compared to the number of willing customers for the goods. Sometimes you can find what you want by shopping around and other times almost no store carries the items you are looking for. It depends entirely on supply and demand. (Alludes to a principle of market economics.) Sometimes customers ask for things we do not carry in stock and other times we have things in abundance that no one wants to buy. Whether or not we can make money off of a product depends entirely on supply and demand.
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supply someone or something with something

to provide something to someone or something. We will supply you with all the pencils you need. We supplied the committee with ice water.
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supply something (to someone or something) (from something)

to provide someone or something with something from some source. I supplied ice cream to the new restaurant from a very expensive source. We supplied nuts from a pushcart. Frank supplied nothing at all to them.

in short supply

Less than is needed, lacking. For example, Skilled operators were in short supply, or The hotels are all full, and beds are in short supply. [First half of 1900s]
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be in ˌshort supˈply

not be enough of something; be scarce: During the war, many things were in short supply.
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The energy industry in the United States and much of the rest of the world also lacks the capacity to deliver adequate supplies to consumers where they need it.
Furthermore, potential supplies could remain tight in 2007 and 2008.
TEI therefore recommends that the Article 9(3) election be available to Member States only when Article 9(2)(e) supplies are made to non-taxable persons.
First, however, we will make some general observations that apply to supplies of services to both businesses able to fully recover VAT and those that are not.
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The Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard, Mongeon noted, "rely on DLA to provide a huge variety of items," including food, fuel, medical supplies, clothing, construction materials, and more than 90 percent of weapon systems repair parts.
ITCs may be claimed by the building manager for the supplies acquired by the building manager for supplying management services and for which the manager is the recipient.
In (d), the owner would be considered as the recipient of the supplies acquired pursuant to an agency agreement where the owner is the principal.
Fuji Film Electronic Materials supplies advanced materials, wet chemistry and equipment.
CrossWalk(TM) works to prevent such oversights by providing: accurate, compliant pricing for supplies, procedures and services; ongoing, accurate cost determination for each chargeable supply item; clean data and management reports indicating areas for financial or compliance improvement; on-going monitoring for the cost/charge relationship; and analysis of purchase volume compared to charge volume.
Henkel Technologies supplies die attach adhesive and underfill
necessary, change the delivery of components and supplies.
The contract calls for EOS to deliver several thousand VLT60 Jaguar 60-watt internal power supplies to SCAN over the next few months.