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superimpose something on (to) someone or something

to cover an image of someone or something with an image of something. We superimposed a mustache onto Toby's face, and he looked just like the suspect. When we superimposed the mustache on him, we knew he was guilty.
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The book goes on to say, "Global public relations though, superimposes an overall perspective on a program executed in two or more national markets, recognizing the similarities among the audiences while necessarily adapting to regional differences.
Then with a little bit of digital manipulation, Dr Oliver superimposes the suggested treatment alternatives on to your image to create the perfect smile.
Santa Claus Is Comin' to Motown'' - which superimposes the Jackson Five, Aretha Franklin, James Brown et al.
In the end, it's as if all her photographic works, like the X-rays of her skull on which she superimposes her own fist (Craniologie [Cranial X-Rays], 1973), or the images of her hands, were covered with a single word, "you" (Le mie parole e tu?
Mehretu superimposes torrents of wind, rain, and fire--peppered with explosions and plumes of smoke--over hard lines of maps, roadway schematics, architectural diagrams, and other visual intimations of infrastructure and technology.
ClickTracks Analyzer superimposes visitor data on top of a user's Web site, putting user information in context.