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take the Browns to the Super Bowl

slang To defecate. It is a pun in which "Super Bowl" refers to a toilet, and "the Browns" refers to the Cleveland Browns football team (chosen because feces are brown). Hang on, I've got to take the Browns to the Super Bowl before we leave the house.
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A food that is hailed as exceptionally nutritious. I know kale is a superfood, but I just can't force myself to eat it.


1. mod. fine; excellent. This report is just super!
2. n. superintendent. The super comes by every now and then to check on things.


and super-dooper
mod. excellent. That’s just super-duper. Couldn’t have asked for better.




n. an earnest and hardworking student. (As compared to a jock; strap; superjock.) I couldn’t be a super-strap even if I had the brains. I just don’t care that much.
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states to use tolling on a pilot basis to finance Interstate construction and reconstruction, and to establish toils for existing Interstate highways to fund the new Super Highway corridors.
While the new Super Hornet represents the cutting edge of Naval Aviation technology, the transition has not been as dramatic as one might think.
That challenge--and the imposing cost--are the biggest reasons insurers are opting out of the Super Bowl, Paterson said.
Designed for high duty cycle applications, the POS has a much lower sensitivity to outside influences, which allows the Super DLTtape system to achieve a track count with an order of magnitude increase over current DLTtape products.
Ron Peterson of Riverside has won the first two races of the Super Trucks season and leads the division.
In a prepared statement, Steve Richardson at Overland Data said: "Overland has been directly involved from the initial testing of Super DLTtape technology.
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So let's be honest, Moon didn't fail to get to the Super Bowl, the Oilers failed to get to the Super Bowl.
In addition to supporting Super DLTtape cartridges, the buckling mechanism supports existing DLTtape IV data cartridges to ensure complete backward-read compatibility.
The NASCAR Super Stocks, West Coast Pro Trucks, Dodge Super Trucks and figure 8s are scheduled to race tonight.
Maxell's announcement signals the realization of another element for the market introduction of Super DLTtape.
Commenting on the potential impact of the Super Vision relationship, Ron Lusk, Chairman and Chief Executive Office of Lighting Science, noted, "This initial sales order is a major step towards establishing and developing a large group of OEM partnerships for the sales and distribution of LSG's LED lighting products.
Four of the top 10 rated shows of all time involve Super Bowls, but the 48.
Super Vision will pay Color Kinetics a set fee as settlement for all past claims Color Kinetics has against Super Vision, including the amount awarded to Color Kinetics by the U.
The second is the introduction of the Ford Fusion in the NASCAR Super Late Model and Late Model divisions.