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ray of sunshine

Someone or something that makes others feel happy and positive, often during a difficult time. My best friend was a real ray of sunshine when I was recovering from surgery.
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a ray of sunshine

1. If you describe someone as a ray of sunshine, you mean that they are always happy and pleasant. Neighbours described the 4-year-old girl as `a ray of sunshine — a cheerful little girl who brightened up all our lives'. Note: You often hear people say that someone is like a ray of sunshine. Kim is like a ray of sunshine, a wonderful and beautiful girl who has completely changed my life. Note: This expression is sometimes used ironically to describe a person who is always miserable and negative.
2. If you describe something as a ray of sunshine, you mean it brings happiness, often during a sad or hopeless time. Emily Jones's first birthday next week will be a ray of sunshine in the darkness of the coming days. Note: You often hear people say that something is like a ray of sunshine. The news was like a ray of sunshine in the winter's gloom. Note: You can also say that something brings a ray of sunshine to someone or something. The Oscars bring a ray of sunshine to our dark February days.
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ray of sunshine

someone or something that brings happiness into the lives of others.
1997 Trail Don't worry…let our Knowledge experts bring a ray of sunshine into your lives with their radiant personalities and shining answers.
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a ray of ˈsunshine

(informal) a person or thing that makes somebody’s life happier: She calls her granddaughter her ‘little ray of sunshine’.
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walk on sunshine

n. to be really happy. I’m in love and I’m walking on sunshine.
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As if a reward for attending the final farm walks on Saturday morning, the sky opened up for a glorious, sunshiny day just in time for the planned South African braai (barbeque) at the winery just adjacent to Medallion Mushrooms.
How funny," he said, "To feel snow on my head On this beautiful sunshiny day.
That's gone in "The Happening," which opens on a bright, sunshiny day in Central Park where people suddenly stop in their tracks and start killing themselves.
The sunshiny 'have-a-nice-day' mentality of the staff was just a little too much in an all-too-often-overcast Edgbaston.
Sugar Beats combine a pumping, hard-grooving rhythm section with bassist/leader Chris Mapp at its centre, sunshiny brass, some of the most exciting baritone saxophone playing since the early days of rock 'n' roll (Colin Mills is the man), and vocals that wear an ear-to-ear grin.
Immediately, McGarvey and the Good Thieves are off and running--moving from standstill to spirited in a flash on the strength of a jangling, sunshiny guitar melody.
The Queen says there is nothing she really wanted as a present-apart from "a nice sunshiny day".
The Queen revealed there was nothing she really wanted as a present ( apart from a nice sunshiny day.
At the beginning of the epilogue to 'Mr Gilfil's Love-Story', written in Scilly while 'sitting on the Fortification Hill, one sunshiny morning' (Journals, p.
Ultra-masculine, street-smart, sunshiny Brian was a textbook case study for Laud, the inquisitive psychologist and sociologist.
Music Cool electronic house from Lisle and sunshiny techno from Soma star Funk D'Void.
Ashfield's second solo CD (coming out in June) is darker, but in his world it's always a sunshiny day.
According to the sunshiny leader, the key to academic success was good social interaction; she talked about "shared feelings" instead of what Hirsch called "shared knowledge.
For sunshiny color, fill gaps between existing plants with a few ranunculus and Iceland poppies as shown above, or mass orange Iceland poppies behind blue violas.