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A long black braid of hair swung with the motion of the coach; the child held her hat in one hand and with the other made ineffectual attempts to stab the driver with her microscopic sunshade.
Rebecca sat down carefully, smoothing her dress under her with painstaking precision, and putting her sunshade under its extended folds between the driver and herself.
Miss Ross, a lady that paints, gave me the sunshade," said Rebecca, when she had exchanged looks with Mr.
Miss Ross told me about Paris; she bought my pink sunshade there and my bead purse.
I'm almost sorry," she sighed, "because it would be so grand to drive down a real main street, sitting high up like this behind two splendid horses, with my pink sunshade up, and everybody in town wondering who the bunch of lilacs and the hair trunk belongs to.
The stage driver good-naturedly pulled up his horses, lifted the excited little creature down, opened the door, and helped her in, putting the lilacs and the pink sunshade beside her.
He accepted the sunshade, and lifting it over his head descended the steps and walked away.
Her voice had sunk almost to a whisper, and she sat clasping and unclasping her hands about the handle of her sunshade.
Kickstarter early pledgers can pre-order one complete set of QuikSnap sunshades for a discounted price of USD39.
Tenders are invited for Providing record room, Dining hall and sunshades on eastern side for the ttpc building in old market yard guntur under amc guntur
iPads are thrust upon children to entertain them, and dark sunshades hinder a child's view of the world, forcing them onto iPhones and tablets, which isolates them from the happiness of the journey.
ARAB NEWS Riyadh municipality has directed sanitary contractors to provide 6,000 sunshades to cleaning workers.
Speaking about the advantages offered by CubeShade, Intertec stated: "Most process instrument sunshades on the market are relatively small, and are often targeted at single instruments or small-scale field equipment installations.
Unlike many instrument sunshades on the market which essentially consist of a single top shade that only protects against overhead sun, Intertec's design incorporates structural side walls that also shade low-angle sun, as well as providing partial protection against rain, snow, wind-chill, blown dust or sand and accidental impact.
I have never seen so many variations of sunglasses ever whether it's just the frames or the sunshades with tint or colour on the sides or all kinds of shapes and sizes and everything in trend like the catty shades or the normal round shapes or the boxy shapes.