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look on the sunny side (of life/things)

To view one's life, situation, or circumstances with a generally optimistic and cheerful attitude; to focus on what is positive in life. My mother always told me to look on the sunny side of life, and I have to admit, it helps when I'm having a rough day. I've had a problem with anxiety and stress, but lately I've been trying to just look on the sunny side of things. Life's too short to worry about every little detail; I say, just look on the sunny side and have a bit of fun!
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sunny-side up

Fig. [of eggs] with yolks facing up and not turned over or cooked through; straight up. I'll have my eggs sunny-side up, with toast and coffee. People who like sunny-side up eggs wouldn't dream of eating a whole raw egg.
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sunny side

1. The pleasant or cheerful aspect of something, as in Beth always sees the sunny side of events like graduations. This idiom alludes to the area on which sunlight falls. [First half of 1800s]
2. on the sunny side of. At an age less than, younger than, as in He's still on the sunny side of forty. [Second half of 1800s]
3. sunny-side up. Fried so that the yolk remains intact and uppermost, as in I ordered my eggs sunny-side up and you brought me scrambled eggs. This expression transfers the appearance of the sun to that of an egg yolk. [c. 1900]
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sunny side up

1. If you describe someone or something as sunny side up, you mean that they are cheerful and bright. This was Sol, sunny side up. He was `loving every moment' with his new club, feeling `alive again.' Note: You can also say that you keep your sunny side up, meaning that you stay cheerful. Somehow, throughout all this, she managed to keep her sunny side up.
2. If a fried egg is sunny side up, it is cooked on one side only and not turned over in the pan. She cooked his eggs the way he liked them — sunny side up and a drizzle of melted butter on top.
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sunny side up

(of an egg) fried on one side only. North American
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ˌsunny-side ˈup

(American English) (of an egg) fried on one side only: How’d you like your eggs - scrambled or sunny-side up?
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sunny-side up

mod. [of eggs] having yolks facing up and still yellow and hot, but not cooked through; straight up. I’ll have my eggs sunny-side up, with toast and coffee.
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