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summon someone before someone or something

to request or order someone to appear before someone or a group. The president summoned the committee before her. The judge summoned Donna before the court.
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summon someone to someone or something

to order or request someone to come to someone or something. Uncle Fred summoned the waitress to him. He summoned her to our table.
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summon something up

to call forth particular qualities, such as strength, courage, wisdom, etc. She summoned her courage up and went into the room. Liz summoned up all her courage.
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pluck/screw/summon up (your/the) ˈcourage (to do something)

force yourself to be brave enough to do something: I had liked her for a long time, and eventually I plucked up the courage to ask her out.I finally screwed up my courage and went to the dentist.
See also: courage, pluck, screw, summon, up

summon up

To call something forth; evoke something: I summoned up my courage and dove into the deep water. At first I couldn't remember the telephone number, but I summoned it up by concentrating very hard.
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Moreover, even in such a carefully targeted assault on the friars, the Summoner himself does not escape censure.
While Chaucer's Summoner is unquestionably ugly in both body and behaviour, the wholesale indictment suffered by his character in Doherty's novels is resounding and unprecedented.
The turf flies as Nayef, ridden by jockey Willie Supple (right), goes on to win the Royal Court Theatre Cumberland Lodge Stakes ahead of Fernando Diaz on Sagittarius at Ascot yesterday Summoner romps home on his own to victory at Ascot
The first is the rather rigid religious hierarchy of bishop-archdeacon-summoner, and the second is that of the more flexible, individualistic mode of relation of the summoner to his spies and victims.
And trainer Saeed Bin Suroor will be hoping there's no repeat of last autumn's Queen Elizabeth II Stakes at Ascot when Summoner beat his more fancied stable companion when acting as his pacemaker.
The summoner befriends a bailiff, who is the devil in disguise, and the two agree to share the proceeds of their extortions.
Tales, such as the tales told by the Miller, the Reeve, the Friar, the Summoner, and the Shipman.
Summoner World and Dreams are a direct result of indiePub's unique platform that supports independent developers, bringing their innovative ideas to console and the mass market.
They served in the military until Alina was revealed to be the Sun Summoner, a powerful Grisha (once schooled in the Small Science) able to summon light as a weapon and penetrate the Shadow Fold (the Unsea).
In Hills's case, the point was rammed home to his colleagues when he twice stole the Queen Elizabeth II Stakes at Ascot with 6-1 Maroof (1994) and 3-1 Summoner (2001).
Godolphin's No 1 hope was upstaged by his stablemate Summoner in the Queen Elizabeth II Stakes at Ascot last September.
NOVERRE, left red-faced by stable-companion Summoner at Ascot last September, can gain his revenge with a victory in the Juddmonte Lockinge Stakes at Newbury today.
And on Saturday, he repeated the trick in the Group One Ascot showpeice with another brilliant ride on 33-1 shot Summoner.
Meanwhile, Summoner started 15-8 favourite to give Godolphin the perfect start to an important few days by winning York's Persimmon Homes Strensall Stakes but the race fell to John Hills' Momentum.
Among those dropping was Calabasas' THQ, which will release its game Summoner in conjunction with the platform's launch.