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at (one's) suggestion

Because one has proposed or suggested something. I went to that restaurant at Cathy's suggestion, but I wasn't impressed with it.
See also: suggestion

on (one's) suggestion

Because one has proposed or suggested something. I went to that restaurant on Cathy's suggestion, but I wasn't impressed with it.
See also: on, suggestion

at/on somebody’s sugˈgestion

because somebody suggested it: At his suggestion, I bought the more expensive printer.
See also: on, suggestion
References in classic literature ?
I seemed able to capture new reactions, new suggestions, and even new rhythms for my paragraphs.
The next morning, as they were preparing to embark upon the cruiser, Tarzan ventured a suggestion to Jane Porter.
As it was, a general rush was made for the doors; but the king had ordered them to be locked immediately upon his entrance; and, at the dwarf's suggestion, the keys had been deposited with him.
To have the white giant sleeping peacefully in one of his own huts would greatly facilitate the matter of earning the reward, and so the chief was urgent in his suggestions that Tarzan, doubtless being very much fatigued after his travels, should retire early to the comforts of the anything but inviting palace.
The circumstances of the body authorized to make the permanent appointments would, of course, have governed the modification of a power which related to the temporary appointments; and as the national Senate is the body, whose situation is alone contemplated in the clause upon which the suggestion under examination has been founded, the vacancies to which it alludes can only be deemed to respect those officers in whose appointment that body has a concurrent agency with the President.
Christie shrugged her shoulders, with a suggestion of disgust.
It certainly had been very pleasant to enjoy the spontaneous and chivalrous homage of these men, with no further suggestion of recompense or responsibility than the permission to be worshipped; but beyond that she racked her brain in vain to recall any look or act that proclaimed the lover.
He winced here, probably at the suggestion that dueling was not regarded with respect in America.
Then he turned to me, and said, with a suggestion of severity in his tone:
For they have flooded me with thousands of suggestions in regard to it, and I have honestly tried to adopt as many of these suggestions as could be fitted into one story.
Besides, I am proud to acknowledge that the books are partly yours, for your suggestions often guide me in telling the stories, and I am sure they would not be half so good without your clever and thoughtful assistance.
I have also to acknowledge the help of the editor of this Library of Philosophy, Professor Muirhead, for several suggestions by which I have profited.
Frank Baum and his correspondents," for I have used many suggestions conveyed to me in letters from children.
The previous suggestions, carefully observed, will enable a new prince to appear well established, and render him at once more secure and fixed in the state than if he had been long seated there.
The allies agreed with Sharif's suggestion that the PPP leadership should be contacted on the issue.