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3) Statistically, glucosamine plus chondroitin was no better than a sugar pill.
I keep a bottle of the tiny sugar pills with me wherever I go--for my dogs and myself.
4% of Cymbalta-treated patients were virtually free of their depressive symptoms, a rate nearly double that seen with a sugar pill (14.
The expectancy effect is related to the placebo effect, in which a patient reports a positive response to an inactive medical treatment, such as a sugar pill, as if it were an active medical treatment.
A sugar pill, with huge built-in name recognition: Placebo.
That is, they were given something that looked like one of the drugs, but was in fact more like a sugar pill with no drug-like properties.
Testing has revealed that people often experience the effects they believe a drug will have on them even when it is only a sugar pill.
Most of the drugs on the market induce drowsiness, whereas Claritin has the side effects equivalent to ingesting a sugar pill, according to Ken Ferber, spokesman for the company.
But we think most of our readers want to get their medicine straight, not coated in a sugar pill.
Even in ancient times doctors knew that the relief a patient may feel simply upon seeing a doctor and/or being given an "inert treatment" such as a sugar pill can play a role in recovery.
This is particularly important since "satisfied users" may, in some cases, have experienced the sugar pill, or "placebo," effect.
Studies on heart patients consistently have shown that poor metabolizers of Plavix might as well be taking a sugar pill than the standard Plavix dose, because their risk of heart attack and stroke is much higher than that of other Plavix users.
It turned out she was given a useless sugar pill -- a placebo.
In the study of 783 GPs, about one in 100 admitted to giving a patient an injection of salty water or a sugar pill rather than real medicine at least once a week.