gracious plenty

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(a) gracious plenty

 and an elegant sufficiency
Euph. enough (food). No more, thanks. I have a gracious plenty on my plate. At Thanksgiving, we always have an elegant sufficiency and are mighty thankful for it.
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In contrast, sufficiency targets actions of individuals in relation to certain attitudes and values that they should adopt without direct reference to actual individual damage or issues of social justice.
Current Florida law may be as follows: If the State proves the defendant committed any crime whatsoever, then an appellate court cannot address any unpreserved evidence sufficiency issue, even if it is undisputed that the State not only did not prove, but could never prove, the crime of conviction.
While some of these studies have ignored potential gender differences, none of these studies have considered the adequacy or sufficiency of the college-related information that prospective students receive when deciding to attend college.
Becoming leaders of sustainability initiatives involves nothing short of a paradigm shift: from not enough to enough, from greed to gratitude, from scarcity to sufficiency, from dominion over nature to partnership with the natural world.
The Times described his book The Complete Book of Self Sufficiency as the "Bible of green sustainability".
In the area of what might be called "Beyond Energy Self Sufficiency," commercial demonstrations of both high and low temperature black liquor gasification will occur in the United States before the end of 2004.
The Catholic Church's teaching says that when workers have a sense of economic sufficiency and security in their lives, they can afford to be generous rather than merely self-interested.
These benchmarks can play an important part in evaluating the relative sufficiency and efficiency of a company's cash flows.
Pressed by reporters to clarify her answers, Gomez explained she might accept the notice of sufficiency but had asked for more time to think about it.
today introduced the bipartisan Family Self Sufficiency Act, which would streamline and improve the U.
Part of its thrust to achieve rice self-sufficiency in the country through its Food Staples Sufficiency Program (FSSP) 2011-2016, the Department of Agriculture (DA) recently convened grains retailers, wholesalers, and other key players in the rice industry at the National Grains Retailers/Wholesalers Conference, the biggest gathering of the rice industry sector in 2013.
Vice Premier Sean Chen cited the Economist magazine that labels the imminent food crisis in Taiwan as the 'tranquil tsunami, noting food sufficiency has to be considered an exigent issue as the world population will increase to nine billion in 2050 from the present seven billion.
The country could whether the crisis partly owing to self sufficiency in staple food rice and other essential goods like corn and a cooking oil when the prices of the commodities were soaring in the world market.
Self Sufficiency Center will help 600 gain job skills, financial savvy
According to Bonifacio, he has requested the Comelec en banc for clarification and guidance on implementing a 'substituted service' for serving Gomez with the notice of sufficiency for a recall election.