suffer fools gladly

not suffer fools gladly

to become angry with people you think are stupid Jim's a fair boss, but he doesn't suffer fools gladly.
See also: fool, gladly, suffer
References in classic literature ?
He was, I believe, not in the least an ill-natured man: very much the opposite, I should say; but he would not suffer fools gladly.
Double Grand Slam-winner Mike was a world-class scrum-half and a born winner who you just knew did not suffer fools gladly.
45pm A male nurse delays proposing to his girlfriend until he has won the approval of her strict father, a former CIA agent who does not suffer fools gladly, and vows to be on his best behaviour during a visit to her family home.
But Tess has her own style, does not suffer fools gladly, chastises when necessary and, week by week, has grown in confidence until she has made the presenter's role her own.
Simon Cowell, Louis, Mel B and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini don't suffer fools gladly, so the lucky few who have made it to this stage will have to pull out all the stops as they sing for their careers.
You know Roger didn't suffer fools gladly and could never understand all the fuss about Trigger, wanting equal recognition for all the other more serious roles he had played over the years.
Insiders added that Watson doesn't suffer fools gladly, but as Janney is a lovely guy, charismatic and intelligent, they make a great couple.
She's got a lot of attributes that mirror Sherlock and she doesn't suffer fools gladly.
It was a clash of cultures, he did not suffer fools gladly and was never afraid to voice his displeasure if his standards were not met.
He could be somewhat authoritarian and did not suffer fools gladly but he was admired by all.
Glymour does not suffer fools gladly and, like Feynman, doesn't hesitate to use humor to take them down, as his assessment of Oklahoma's intellectual climate clearly shows.
Ian Balding, who I am sure does not suffer fools gladly, appeared thrilled for his young rider, as did the other connections.
He used to call once, often twice, a day - he was lovely and kind although he also didn't suffer fools gladly.
It is richly appropriate that Ellen Page has received an Oscar nomination for her performance as Juno, a high school teen who doesn't suffer fools gladly.
Toshack may not be everyone's cup of tea and even though my dealings with him have been limited, he does not strike me as the type to suffer fools gladly.